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  1. If you can see my other posts then it would be clear why I'm taking the legal route. However i am now going into a legal battle with my landlord because 4 days before vacating the apartment, he wanted me to paint it, even without it being bad and also not required in the contract. Also i lived there only for 2 and half years. He was rude and also he was disrespectful. I've had enough of his bullshit and I'm taking him to court. I took this decision after carefully thinking about the consequences. Also i found out i have a bullshit sq meters mentioned in my contract and also nebenkost incorrect and no bill for the nebenkost for entire time. Plus i fixed several issues in the house which were not my responsibilities. I think i have enough data. Also I'm taking whatsapp chat printouts where he threatened to take me to court as i reported to him that the water heater broke and i 'Requested' him to fix it as it was winter. Soooooo I think my case is strong. However I would really appreciate any additional tips and rules i need to be aware about so that i have as much support as possible before I begin.