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  1. Hi all,   Situation   First of all I rented this room for a shared flat to this real estate company. After some of the flat mates breaking some of the rules of the contract I tried to contact him to look for a solution, reporting my intention to leave the flat finally: Wrote to the agent by email who I signed the contract with. Phoned the same agent. Phoned the number in the company website.   All of my attempts to contact were ignored (for months), at the end I had to find by other means someone working in that company to contact the CEO.   I will be leaving Germany for some months, and I don't plan to go back to that flat, obviously.   I set an appointment with the CEO before I left to give the keys, but he cited me and he didn't show up. After 30 minutes I left.   My issue I will have a third person to meet him and deliver the keys, before my contract runs out, but as I won't be there when my contract ends I want to give the keys already (and also he didn't received me when he called me). I would like to have a docuemnt that states that a third person will give the keys for that flat the date the keys are delivered, can I do that? It's possible? Do I have any law that protects me? What if he refuses, how can I prove that I (in this case a third) delivered the keys?   Thanks and let me know if any further information is needed!
  2. Hi   My landlord has sent a lawyers letter asking for thousands of euros in two weeks. I have been having an ongoing dispute with him over renovation the core of which is whether it is over or not. As long as the renovation continues I have reduced rent. He did just basic work and after his renovation, the apartment is in a far worse condition than it was before. The local Meiterverehin send him scores of letters explaining why the reduced rent still holds but now he has sent me a lawyers letter saying that the renovation was long over and that I must pay the full rent.  He never responded to any of the Meiter's letters. Can he do this? Is he not legally obliged to respond to letters from the Meiterverehin or to warn me if my rent is falling short of what he expects? He has pushed all the other tenants out of the building, and I am the only holdout.
  3. Mold on bedroom walls

    I have a problem with mold around my bedroom windows. I have cleaned it myself last month and the mold never grew back. But the landlord insists that I still call a professional to resolve the issue permanently and also send him the invoices as proof. Am not sure why should I call a professional if the mold is not growing again? Am not a member of Mieterverein. And am not I should get the member as I will be leaving the country in few days. Am afraid he will somehow try to keep my deposit... Can anyone please suggest how should I tackle this issue?
  4. Handover protocol

    Hello,   I recently moved into an apartment. I had a quick look at the apartment and signed the handover protocol saying everything looks fine. But after 3 days i noticed a small dent on the parquet flooring. I have also taken the pictures showing timestamp. Now am wondering if the landlord can hold me responsible for it just because it was not mentioned in the handover protocol?   thank you 
  5. I wanted to quit my flat before the end notice (End April). I made an appointment with a new lady tenant that reconk she would renovate and bring own kitchen by March. The Admon said I needed to remove the floor and that the flat must be painted before and the lady change her mind and was ready to move until april without floor removing. Floor removing was new to me. As I received the flat It was painted in all colors and I bought the kitchen and other furniture from the old tenant and agreed to renovate. I was furious about the floor but I remove it and paint and take everything out. Still in february I put an ad and screen 20 possible next tenants, there were only two with the admon requirements (No WG, no students, no Pets, no Arbeitlos, no more than 3 person, good income and fix job, must bring kitchen and new floor) I sent the applications to the admon and hope for a positive answer. The next tenant B had an appoinment with the admon. The admon said the two of them didnt comply with the requeriment to stay longer than 2 years. As I called again tenant B he told me he has not problem with that and aditionally the Admon had not presented him my flat at all but another flat saying that my flat was on a very bad condition. Later I discovered that indeed the floor was belognig to the flat and I would not need to take it out. When I confronted the landlord about not considering my flat for the tenant that I Look for and introduce to him, he said he has independiently presented and it was not me who presented him. Next time he said that it was the tenant who didnt want to, was not about the 2 years staying and additionally it was not his decision but the landlord. So he make a quick contract to tenant B to another empty flat and I have to continue on the flat March and Aprill Aditionally the Administrator said that the flat walls must be better painted and that the quality was not good and etc. This situation of unfairness really damage my psyque and I went to the doctor to have an certificate just in case. I took the quarentine to improve my painting and finish other things whiles working and living on an empty flat, sleeping in the floor no refrigerator and washing cloths by hand. I wonder if I had a case against the administrator for asking me to remove a floor that I didnt have to take out, (got a injury by the way), rejecting a perfect tenant claiming that it was the tenant (the tenant told me that the landlord wanted to introduce a kitchen on the flat and was not interested at all on renting my flat at the moment and that he was never presented with my flat). I would gladly apreciate your knowledge and advice.
  6. There are construction going on outside my building. A company is changing the windows of the entire building. I checked my bedroom yesterday and I found that they made some damages in the outside wall of the room. I took some pictures and I sent an email to the company I'm renting the flat from. They did not respond yet, but is this everything I need to do? I don't want to be held reliable for this when I checkout in the future.
  7. Landlord Deposit and Contract Issue

    Hello everyone,   I was wondering if I could try and get some advice/ideas from the community regarding an issue I'm having with my deposit on a flat I've been renting in Bavaria.   We have recently told the landlord we plan to move out, giving him the agreed three months notice and we will be gone by the end of March. In the meantime I still will pay two months rent (totalling 1,700 Euros).   We recently met with the landlord to discuss moving out and that is when our problem started. When we first moved in over five years ago the apartment was owned by someone else, and he was our landlord. About eighteen months into living there the old landlord sold the apartment to the current landlord and he took over our tenancy and raised the rent by fifty Euros which we agreed to.   When this changeover occurred we signed a new tenancy agreement with the current landlord. I have copies of both the agreements for the two landlords still. The first one mentions the 1,950 Euro deposit we handed over to the original landlord, unfortunately the second one does not. At the time we mentioned this to the current landlord and he told us he had the deposit now and would give it back to us when we eventually moved out and we took him at his word (stupidly). Unfortunately we never got anything in writing about this which is certainly our mistake, (I think because we were just relieved that we were staying there as the new landlord had initially told us that his plan was to move us out and try and offer the flat to the government for refugee housing).   Anyway now the current landlord is telling us he never received the deposit from the previous landlord and as far as he is concerned we never paid him a deposit. Our original contract with the first landlord mentions the deposit however. Our current landlord wants us to take out some sort of insurance so that when we move out he can claim against our insurance for repairs that he wants to make (which I am pretty sure is insurance fraud). In addition he still expects that we paint and restore everything (as agreed in the contract admittedly) even though he has no intention of giving any of our deposit back. So not only will it cost me my 1,950 Euros but also all the time and money to put the apartment back to ship shape.   So I was wondering what you think my options are. I have been trawling the other posts on Toytown and I can see that I am not the only one to have landlord issues. I did find one post where someone mentioned that a new landlord is bound to the terms and conditions of the original contract, but I can't find it anymore.Is that true? A few other things of note;   - I am pretty sure none of our rental agreements are above board. The contracts have just been made up by the landlords themselves and we never put the deposit into a third party bank account like you have to do in the UK (and from reading other Toytown posts about this it seems like this should also be the case in Germany?) - The second landlord originally wanted to evict us to try and rent the flat to the government but I am quite sure that the reason that this didn't happen is because the apartment failed the inspection for housing (it's a great apartment but there are definitely multiple shortcuts in the construction, it was previously burned down and I think rebuilt on the shady side). - Both of the landlords are Turkish, I didn't know that this was/is an issue, but my German wife seems terrified of this fact and seems to think this is reason alone to let the (my) 1,950 Euros go. - Our current landlord says the old landlord is in the wind and cannot be contacted. I have found him on Facebook however and sent him a message asking if he ever transferred the deposit over, but so far no reply.   I am not a member of the Mieterverein (I had never heard of the Mieterverein until I started to read all the other posts here) either. Can I still contact them for assistance?   Once again any help/advice is greatly appreciated.   Thanks!