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  1. Hiya!   So i've been an owner occupier for the last seven years ever since I bought my flat. Due to certain life circumstances I'm considering moving back home. If I were to sell my property now I would not pay any capital gains on it in Germany, because as an owner occupier you don't pay capital gains after two years. If I were to rent my apartment now, will this impact any future capital gain when I sell it in say five to ten years, considering I have lived in it since its purchase prior to renting ?   Many thanks!
  2. Hi,   I am a landlord - my current tenant quit in December, moving out end of this month. I asked them over Christmas / in January to give me some dates for prospective tenant viewing and handover date. They replied that due to health reasons they are not in Germany and can not come back and will not allow anyone in the apartment near their private stuff without them or a family member being there. I do understand the situation and gave them extra time but they have given me now the date of Feb 20th for handover and still refuse to give me dates for showing the apartment. Obviously I am already at significant risk of not getting someone into the apartment and paying rent for March and probably April - and that is even if they give me a date in the next few weeks.   What are my rights here? How can I get a new tenant without a viewing and what is the legal position here? I am not unreasonable and would like to find a solution but I foresee that I will be losing out on money already.    Thanks, Tara