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  1. Hi. Every year before 01.12 we need to declare the estimated income in the next year to KSK. And I declared lower some year and more in some year like below. And now I got a letter from KSK and they require me to show my Tax Certificate in last years (Steuerbescheid).   If my income and the estimated income which I declared to KSK are like below,what will happen? Will I have to pay fine or something? And will KSK kick me out?     2015 Freelance  / Declared to KSK / Other income 12000        / 12000                 /  0   2016 Freelance  / Declared to KSK / Other income (Crypto currencies) 10000        / 12000                 /  28000   2017 Freelance  / Declared to KSK / Other income (Crypto currencies) 12000        / 10000                 /  minus 5000   2018 Freelance  / Declared to KSK / Other income (Part time employed job) 10000        / 10000                 /  7000     Thanks in advance!  
  2. Does anyone know how to make the private insurer back pay? I've been admitted to KSK, took them 6 months to decide. Now i have public insurance and need to pay KSK for last 6 months-which is quite a lot at once. So I'm trying to make my private insurance to cancel with backpay, from the date of KSK admittance. And get the money back for the last 6 months. They seem to think thats impossible. I just can't afford to pay 6 months of double insurance at the moment. Anyone had any similar experience?