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  1. Hello,   Until recently I was making very modest annual income, so KSK was perfect for me. But everything changed this year and it looks like I'll make around 100k from freelancing. Is it worth paying to the KSK or are there better options for me? I remember years ago I read somewhere (might have been here) that KSK is a pretty good deal if you're making under 60k per year or something like that. I can't find that info now, though.
  2. I'm insured with TK through the KSK, but my freelance artistic activity is currently between minimal and non existent.  I live off the rental income of a couple of properties I menage myself, and luckily that income is not considered as non-artistic income by the KSK, therefore I'm still with them.  My question is, if I was to be kicked out of the KSK because of not earning the minimum x year required through my freelance artistic activity, what would happen, health insurance wise?  My freelance income would still be zero, would I have to pay insurance based on my rental income?  Thanks!