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  1. Good morning to everybody,   I just wanted to have an help to understand if I am doing things correctly also because my German is not so good and I fear to make a mess... I am nearly 5 months pregnant and at the beginning of March I tried to register my future child to the public crèche ( for the next March, so that I could come back to work asap. On the 1st April I have received and automatic reply, stating that the allocation process is not completed and that commitments will continue to be made. If I check all the kitas in which I registered, they state that they have only waiting lists with no or few places available.   I just wanted to know if any additional input is requested from my side now, or if I have to wait until I receive a message from any of the kitas. Consider that I have also a very weird family situation, since my husband is not even resident in Germany, and (mainly for economic reasons) I would like to come back to work full-time asap.   Sincerely I don' t know which are the requirements to get a place... maybe I have done the registration too late, but before March I was not able to do the registration since the child was too young. Any suggestion? Do I have to register him/her to a private kita???   Many thanks for your help.   PS. I would like to understand I have to thick the option: "Der/die Sorgeberechtigte ist derzeit aktuell berufstätig, in einer Ausbildung, einem Studium oder besucht einen Integrationskurs. " or "Der/die Sorgeberechtigte plant die (Wieder-)Aufnahme einer Berufstätigkeit, Ausbildung, eines Studiums oder Integrationskurses.", and then insert a day? I am very confused...