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  1. I recieve Austrian, German and UK state pensions. My UK pension is almost a full pension as I have paid 32 years contributions, however most of those contributions were Class II voluntary contributions. I pay the usual 7,3% health insurance and 3,3% care insurance to my Krankenkasse from both my UK and Austrian pensions and it is automatically deducted from my German pension. Now someone on a UK forum has suggested that my UK pension entitles me to free health insurance from the AOK. Does anyone know anything about this?
  2. Hi,  I did read many posts about this topic. A hot one, sadly.  I am actually looking for a consultant to help me go through this as I seem to fail to get into the system. Even after speaking to the representative of AOK a couple of times, it seems too complicated to give them my money.  So - do you know a Krankenkasseberater/in or Wirtschaftberater/in to refer me to? Thanks  
  3. Hi,   When you're ill here, the doctor seems to give three different pink certificates. I get that one goes to your employer so your illness is properly counted.   I'm told another is supposed to go to your krankenkasse. But what is the point of this? I read something about krankengeld, but that only seemed to be for long illnesses. If I'm just off work for a week do I need to submit the certificate to my krankenkasse? Do I benefit financially from doing so? (Why?)   Thanks in advance,   Tom