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  1. Hello everyone, I've been reading a lot the past two days and there is a lot of info here on this web site that I wanted to thank you about. The wealth of info in here is positively overwhelming in a good way.   My wife and I are both freelancers. We opened both of our activities and registered them in October 2019. We started making invoices. In January 2020 we calculate our taxes and do everything with SteuerGo and Elster. We did not use an accountant. I did not pass the 17,500 but my wife did (the calculation was: total made in [October+November+December] / 3 * 12) and she resulted over 17,500.   I did the whole tax declaration using SteuerGo and Elster but we realized that from this year she will have to charge VAT. In fact, since January 2020 she started adding +19 MwSt to her invoices. Even if unfortunately they were only a few because in January the COVID19 issues were already heavy in her field of work, even if the real bad situation started here in March.   Now, I realized something that we might have missed:   1) Does she have to tell the Finanzamt "Hey, I did surpass 17,500 so I am now officially a Freiberufler that charges MwSt). If yes, which form is it and how to do it? Can I do it through my Elster? I do have my certificate and my taxes did include her and the family as a combination of the both of us (we have 3 Steuernr., one is for me, one for her and one as a family.. at least this is what the Finanzamt gave us :)).   2) Can I do her quarterly VAT declaration through my own certificate in Elster? Or does she have to open up a certificate of her own and use it?   These are the two main questions, I apologize in advance if this looks like a mess to you and if more questions are going to come up from your replies. Thanks in advance,