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  1. Hi there, I wonder if you can help... I bought something in November from an online shop, I moved house in December and had mail forwarded with the Deutsche Post forwarding service.   Yesterday I got 3 letters in the post: one a first warning from Klarna (the payment intermediary dated 18 Dec), a second warning letter from Klarna (dated 5 Jan) and a letter from coeo inkasso (dated 20 Jan). The 3 letters arrived on the SAME day (30 Jan) . I phoned Klarna to see if I could settle the payment over the phone there and then, they said no, but they said I could try transferring it as if I am quick enough, it should avoid problems, BUT that it had gone to the debt collectors who are a bunch of a**holes (their words, not mine). So, I tried on the Klarna website, but couldn't pay it because of course it was flagged as having been passed for debt collection. So I made a transfer from my bank to the Klarna account, for the amount from the first warning letter.   I tried pboning the debt collectors to explain the situation, in my naivety thinking they would be reasonable human beings, but they were foul; would not let me explain that I had not received the first and second warnings, and all she would say (apart from complaining my baby was making to much noise) was "it's your fault, it's your fault, it's your fault" without letting me get a word in and insisting on knowing my new address. She hung up on me after I lost it saying she was a horrible person (not cool, but it happened). She answered "You too" and hung up on me. Amazing. Would be hilarious really except I don't know what situation I am in legally.   It seems to me Deutsche Post have some responsibility for the delayed post. I missed the original bills because they were sent by email and said "Klarna" not the name of the shop I ordered from (and my German is bad).. I also got married in Dec, was looking after my baby and went home for Christmas. So I accept I was late with the payment (that is my fault), but not the fact that I didnt settle the payment with the warning letters.   The cost of the debt collector's bill already more than doubles the price of the item I bought.    Please advise. Many TIA