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  1. Hi group, I would like to get some recommendations about where to buy a kitchen that is good quality, delivery is fast and reliable. I checked in XXLutz and they said to deliver until the end of October :S. Does anybody have any experience with them?  what about flammen kuechen? they said to have it for the 1st of October but the reviews said that they are not reliable? Any recommendation would be appreciated. 
  2. Assembling of IKEA Kitchen

    I am not sure this is the right section but.. We just  moved to a new apartment and ordered an ikea kitchen...   Since we are not good at assembling / montage kind of work and are also short of time, we want to get the assembly done by someone ...someone else then IKEA subcontractors. Ikea charges ca. 200€ pro linear meter..and i think this is just too much..   Does anyone has experience with assemblers / monteurs in Berlin? Can you please reccomend us someone?   thx