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  1. Since I've recently had to go through the painful process of finding a well-designed, good quality and decently priced kitchen in Berlin, I thought of sharing my experiences as they might be helpful for others. As most service oriented businesses in Berlin, also when looking to invest into a new kitchen one does not really feel the service part that retailers should be offering. It's either unfriendly, unhelpful people, extremely long waiting times, overpriced kitchens for designs that are definitely not something I want to be looking at every day...especially when part of an open living room or mostly just having the sale discussion in English is a pain. Then I found this company, that seems to have understood that there's a better way to sell kitchens. Thank god! Even though their website is in German, English is not an issue at all. I didn't have to wait to get a first offer for days but instead received that within a day. Kitchen was delivered within 1.5months, Italian design, good quality, decent price, happy customer  Can totally recommend these guys, in case anybody else is looking to do some remodeling in their house
  2. Hi, Due to move we are selling our kitchen. Excellent condition no scratches like new. inclusive all machines: fridge, freezer, dish washer, over, herd.     Only Unmount und pick price 1500€.
  3. Moving SaleIkea Fintorp dish drying rack - €4Purchased: 01.2015 (€9.99 neu)Condition: very goodHeight: 13,5 cmWidth: 37.5 cmDepth: 29 cmColor: MetalReady for pick-up Monday, 22 JulyTravel often for work, minimally used; must sell due to capacity in my new flat
  4. Little tikes The Cook ‘n Learn Kitchen features a sturdy design and includes 50 accessories. 15 €   pick up is in sendling  
  5. I am selling my Ikea Kitchen. They are in good used condition. Sink, Dishwasher (Miele), Stove, Oven and Exhaust. Length: 316cm (can also reduce to 240cm)   Cost: 250€ Thank you Singh