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  1. Hi,   I filled the form for the Kita Voucher at the end of July 2020. Since the application has to be submitted at least 2 months before, I mentioned the start date for the voucher as 01 Sept 2020. Now in the first week of Jul 2020, I have an offer from a Kita, and they are looking for summer admission (I guess by Aug 2020).   Can the start date mentioned in the form become a blocker in signing the contract with the Kita? How do I resolve this? What can be done to speed this up? Youth center does not allow walking anymore and needs an appointment to go there.   Any suggestions would be helpful.   (I am new in Germany and still figuring things out. So language is a big challenge for now.)   Thanks!
  2. Hi,   I recently received the Kita voucher. One of the pages has the line as shown in the attached image.   I guess the line mentions the special staff when the Kita has 40% non-german (speaking?) children. I wanted to have more information about this clause.   We have recently moved to Germany with our 3-year-old daughter and do not speak German yet.  
  3. Good morning to everybody,   I just wanted to have an help to understand if I am doing things correctly also because my German is not so good and I fear to make a mess... I am nearly 5 months pregnant and at the beginning of March I tried to register my future child to the public crèche ( for the next March, so that I could come back to work asap. On the 1st April I have received and automatic reply, stating that the allocation process is not completed and that commitments will continue to be made. If I check all the kitas in which I registered, they state that they have only waiting lists with no or few places available.   I just wanted to know if any additional input is requested from my side now, or if I have to wait until I receive a message from any of the kitas. Consider that I have also a very weird family situation, since my husband is not even resident in Germany, and (mainly for economic reasons) I would like to come back to work full-time asap.   Sincerely I don' t know which are the requirements to get a place... maybe I have done the registration too late, but before March I was not able to do the registration since the child was too young. Any suggestion? Do I have to register him/her to a private kita???   Many thanks for your help.   PS. I would like to understand I have to thick the option: "Der/die Sorgeberechtigte ist derzeit aktuell berufstätig, in einer Ausbildung, einem Studium oder besucht einen Integrationskurs. " or "Der/die Sorgeberechtigte plant die (Wieder-)Aufnahme einer Berufstätigkeit, Ausbildung, eines Studiums oder Integrationskurses.", and then insert a day? I am very confused...