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  1. Waldkita Experience?

    We're applying to a bunch of Waldkitas for our child because it sounds like a great idea and I wish that I had had something like that, but I'd like to know if anyone here has had direct or indirect experience with Waldkitas / Waldkita children.  Are there any questions I should be asking the Kita leadership which I wouldn't necessarily ask a normal Kita, or am I making a huge mistake?   Chime in!
  2. We are about to relocate to another city (Bochum) in 6 months from now, and we need to arrange many things, one of which is finding a Kita for our 5-year son. We contacted many Kitas in the town (almost 20) no matter near my workplace or not, but all of them said that they are overbooked and no single empty place is available there. Unfortunately, we could not apply any earlier as i didn't know where i could find my next job!    I also visited the "jugendamt" office, but they told us to go to the Kitas again and again and be persistent until they give us a place! But i noticed that advice is somehow awkward and impractical as many of them do not even open the door for you if you do not have an appointment, and they won't give you an appointment if you already have visited them!.   So i was wondering what we should do due to this situation? Our kid would be a pre-schooler by the time we relocate, and we cannot put him in a "tagesmutter", neither we can keep him at home since my wife and i are both working/studying.