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  1. Our 4-year old son has been in this kita since 2 years ago and was enrolled in a 45-hours caring program. My wife and i are both full-time students so we cannot pick him up from the kita earlier than 5 p.m. (or 4:30 p.m. at the earliest).  The kita staff has started complaining since 3-4 months ago that the kid becomes so tired after 3 pm and it is too long for him. They suggested to make him sleep longer at nights, and we did follow their advice and made him sleep 12 hours per night.    But again once in a while, they complain that he is too tired in the afternoon and he is the only kid in the kita during those hours and indirectly asking us to pick him up earlier. I think they do not believe our reasons. Although we really wish i could do that, we really cannot. Otherwise, everything will be so stressful and complicated regarding life&study.   The funny thing is that when i pick him up at 4:30-4:45, he spends another 1-hour in the nearby playground playing around before he agrees to go home. So i think he becomes bored during those kita-hours especially when the staff has to prepare things for the next day and cannot spend time with him (e.g. playing together).   I really wished i knew what to do regarding this situation!  
  2. Hi there,   I was wondering if anyone could share some advice on enrolling kids in a German Kindergarten in the Stuttgart area. I'm particularly interested in advice around the following questions: We are an American/British family, my kids speak German and we've received military orders to move to Stuttgart next June 2019. I have read that waitlists are LONG for local Kitas, is this true currently? My kids will be 2 and 4.  Can I waitlist my kids without having a local address? Are private Kindergartens easier to get into? Any recommendations? My husband will work on Kelley, which areas would be a decent commute but with a lot of Kita options? I've researched Waldenbuch, Esslingen, Holzgerlingen, Degerloch and Vaihingen. Any families have experience living in these areas? I'm looking for a quiet area but with amenities within walking distance.   If anyone has been through this process recently, I'd greatly appreciate hearing your story!