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  1. Hello Toytown,   I am seeing conflicting information regarding the role kindergeld plays when it comes to calculating Unterhaltszahlungen. We have two young children and will have a 50/50 custody agreement. Before consulting the lawyer and enduring his fees, an initial attempt at using the Dusseldorfer Table has left us both confused.    My wife is German and I am not. During our marriage she earnt 50% less than I and still does. As such, we agreed that kindergeld payments should go to her account. During our marriage this was no issue. Now that we are seperating, she will continue to receive these payments. My question is: since this is, in a sense, family money, am i entitled to take half of the kindergeld payments she receives off the total Unterhaltszahlungen I will pay her? Or are these payments exempt from the calculation?   Any up-to-date info appreciated!