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  1. Private kindergarten Unterschliessheim?

    Hi Folks,   Any pointers/tips/explanations gratefully received.   We (family, 2 adults plus a 4 years old and a 2 year old) are likely to be moving to Unterschleissheim in/around end July/beginning of August. On initial digging I was very pleased to discover that there is such a thing as "state" provision (at least to some degree) of kindergarten. Then I seem to have come up against a brick wall which seems to say "But the chances of getting your kid(s) into kindergarten are basically zero, unless you've been registered for a place since almost before they were conceived [sic]". I discovered this almost by accident this week when I contacted a kindergarten near to the house which we think we might rent (we don't have a tenancy yet but things look positive) and found out that the _very day_ I was emailing that particular kindergarten was the day that the Stadt was allocating places. That I might not be able to get No.1 in to the kindergarten of my choice I get, but having just gone through the UK school application process, I think I expected that where there is a state obligation to provide, there would have to be a place _somewhere_.   I am very much hoping to carry on working when we move so getting something by way of childcare organised quickly (preferably almost in advance of us going) is going to be pretty critical. And as anyone with youngish kids will appreciate, I am absolutely certain that it is vitally important that they both get into a german speaking (childrens') environment as quickly as possible after we arrive (none of us have any material german to speak of, yet). But I clearly just don't understand the kindergarten process, how it works, how you are expected to be able to get a child in, who is responsible for allocating places (if it is the Stadt who does that allocation and is that absolute and final?)   No 2 will be 2.5 in the summer, so I think I was always expecting to have to pay whatever the going rate is for the equivalent of nursery, but there is the added complication that I think it would be so much better for both of them if they can go to the same place. They are in the same nursery at the moment and with everything else that is going to be going on around them, putting them in different places is not something I would choose to do if I had the option. I didn't think I would have a choice when I realised that there is a difference between nursery and kindergarten, but now I see that many kindergarten do also do nursery. And if they do that, how on earth are places then allocated by the Stadt? (Because presumably kids in a nursery will always go up to the same kindergarten?)   Does a private kindergarten system run alongside the "state" one? If so, are they separate kindergartens or are there some places state and some full paying in the same place? If there is a private system, how does that work? I don't seem to be able to find out much about it, mainly because I can't tell from a kindergarten website whether I am looking at a state one or not - they all have fees and they all seem to imply that you can apply for your kids to go there. If so, what does the Stadt do?   If anyone who has done it or knows anything about it can please give me a rundown, that would be appreciated.   I'm feeling wildly lost.
  2. Hello Everyone,   I am requesting your advice on the regulation of kindergarten fee in Bodensee area. My daughter was going to a kindergarten from last year and this year in March it stopped for Corona. Also in April I changed my house in a different area of the city. I talked with the old kindergarten about this and informed her that my daughter will now go to a new Kindergarten close to my house. She already gave the transfer paper to new kindergarten. I am going to join the new kindergarten from September but suddenly found out that the stadt has taken the kindergarten fee 132 euro from my account. I am acknowledged that from July the kindergartens are open but I want to send my kid only from September to avoid Corona risk. Am I supposed to pay the fee for July?   Please let me know the rule. Thank you in advance.
  3. We have a newborn (6mo) and our older child (5,5yo) is going in kindergarten (public one), 9 hours per day. Both of us are working full time and I'm currently on parental leave. We applied, in the same KiTa, for our LO and got refused although we already have our older there, they said it is a capacity issue and will be no free spots by that time. It is a shitty situation but we understand and we are already in process of finding place in another KiTa (probably in a private one). However, few days ago, they asked us (from this public KiTa) to reduce time for our older child because I'm on parental leave (and they know that because we applied there for our LO). When we asked what about when I got back to work, will they give us our time back, they said that depends on capacity at that time. So, there are no guarantees. We have hard time to understand that having new baby will put our older kid in, so to say "unequal position" comparing to other kids regarding amount of time spending in KG and that these to things are connected. Shouldn't parental leave be related only to taking care of the newborn? Now we are in really bad situation, which is preventing me to get back to work and could lose my job.   My question is: are they allowed to reduce time for my older child because I'm on parental leave with my LO? And without obligation to restore it? It is a city (public) KiTa. They are forcing us to fill a form with reduced hours. Is there any law which would be applied on this situation and protect us? TiA
  4. As the time gets closer to our move (in at most a year, could be less depending on the job situation) I want to start looking for jobs. I have two degrees in design but I have been working in education since 2013 with a couple years gap while being home with my children. My experience is in nursery, preschools, and most recently as an educational assistant in a kindergarten. So ages 12 months to about 6 years are the ages my experience has mostly been with.    I want to work in a kindergarten (the German version, I know it's different than in the US) in Germany. I've of course been looking at jobs, looking at requirements, etc.    So I have a couple questions.   What has been your experience trying to find jobs in this area?    Will my lack of degree in this field be a problem? I know some positions want you to have an ausbildung but not all require it and I've certainly seen other posts of people who have gotten this or a similar job without the ausbildung.    For reference, I'm not opposed to getting an ausbildung but would prefer to find a job without this or find a job where I can simultaneously get this qualification.   Are there any websites that you like best for job searching in Germany?     
  5. I've been offered a new job which would mean relocating my family (children age 5 and 8) from the UK to Berlin next summer. I'm trying to decide whether to accept the role and am doing research on schools, housing, etc.   From everything I've read, it sounds like a nightmare to get Kindergarten and Grundschule places in Berlin. I've heard of waiting lists in the hundreds and 1 hour commutes to get to available schools... Is it as difficult as the articles would lead you to believe?   We haven't fully decided yet on whether we would prefer to send our kids to a German, bi-lingual or international school. Are some types more difficult to find spaces in than others? I have seen older posts on TT, but from what I've heard things have gotten much worse in the last few years.   Both my wife and I speak German and have lived/worked in Germany in the past, so we're quite keen to have our kids experience life in Germany. However, not being able to get our kids into supportive schools would obviously be a deal-breaker...   Thanks in advance for any advice!