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  1. I've been offered a new job which would mean relocating my family (children age 5 and 8) from the UK to Berlin next summer. I'm trying to decide whether to accept the role and am doing research on schools, housing, etc.   From everything I've read, it sounds like a nightmare to get Kindergarten and Grundschule places in Berlin. I've heard of waiting lists in the hundreds and 1 hour commutes to get to available schools... Is it as difficult as the articles would lead you to believe?   We haven't fully decided yet on whether we would prefer to send our kids to a German, bi-lingual or international school. Are some types more difficult to find spaces in than others? I have seen older posts on TT, but from what I've heard things have gotten much worse in the last few years.   Both my wife and I speak German and have lived/worked in Germany in the past, so we're quite keen to have our kids experience life in Germany. However, not being able to get our kids into supportive schools would obviously be a deal-breaker...   Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Help! Kindergarten Change

    Hello,    I tried to search for a similar topic but couldn't so sorry if it is repeated.   Our son is currently in a Kindergarten (A) My wife found an available Kindergarten (B)   B - Has provided us with contract and we can start next week (14.01) We have informed A this week that we would Kündigen, A has 3 months Kündigunsfrist which we are willing to pay (it is stated in contract and unless there is a way out of it, we must)   Now today A told us that "You are not allowed to register your child in another kindergarten within the 3 months"    My wife called Jugendamt that was adamant about it and told us there was no such rule My wife asked B kindergarten and they told us that there is no such rule, but they will confirm   After going back to A, and explaining that we are not trying to get out of the 3 months payment, they still insisted that we would be blocking 2 places for the time being, therefore not allowed!   So, can anyone help by pointing where can I find a clear information about this? Which terms should I search, and if I should go to a lawyer which specialization shall I look for?      Thank you WhyNot