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  1. selling a girls longsleeve shirts package   12 shirts brands like H&M, ernstings,...   only 5€ great condition    pet-free snd smoke free home   we live at daiserstraße in 81371
  2. Beerhall for a school group

    I recently had a request from a pal who is a teacher, asking if I knew of any beerhalls where she can take her group of 16 and 17 year olds for their final dinner before going back to Holland. They recently had dinner in the Augustiner Klosterwirt and assumed that since the teachers were the legal guardians, it would not be an issue for the students to try a beer.(Try - as opposed to having a monster session and getting ratted) The waiter explained that, yes, while they can legally get a beer, it was a house rule that no-one under 18 could drink, regardless of whether they were with a legal guardian or not. Any suggestions? Taff
  3. kids bathrobe size 4 T   to give away   we used it going to the pool often   petfree and smokefree home   pick up next to suedbad U3 U6 harass
  4. I am just wondering if anyone has gotten around the school system, in respect to taking vacations when school vacation is. I know that school is mandatory as long as you are living in German, but what about if I moved to the U.S. for a month and "abmelded" my family from Germany and then "anmelded" us when we came back. We have always traveled a lot, but this really puts a kink in the traveling. The first born is now in 1st grade and is in a private school. I dont know if the school would accept this even if it was legal to do, just trying to get some out of the box responses. Not only do I like the freedom of choosing when to travel, I just saw the flight cost in spring vs summer, I could travel there a couple time for price difference.
  5. selling our puky lr 1 laufrad   30€    we live next to suedbad at daiserstraße 
  6. Hello Toytown members!  My family moved to Winsen (Luhe) a few months ago and are currently looking to meet people in the area.  Are there any Ex Pats // English speakers in the Winsen / LG / outer HH area who can show us new (potentially kid friendly) restaurants/places.  We would also be interested in play dates for the kids to speak English to someone besides me and my wife.  My kids are 5.5 & 1.   Thanks and looking forward to meeting you   Eaglerunner (Adam)
  7. Hi, if interested, please feel free to have a look by us  Cheers