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  1. selling our puky lr 1 laufrad   30€    we live next to suedbad at daiserstraße 
  2. Hello Toytown members!  My family moved to Winsen (Luhe) a few months ago and are currently looking to meet people in the area.  Are there any Ex Pats // English speakers in the Winsen / LG / outer HH area who can show us new (potentially kid friendly) restaurants/places.  We would also be interested in play dates for the kids to speak English to someone besides me and my wife.  My kids are 5.5 & 1.   Thanks and looking forward to meeting you   Eaglerunner (Adam)
  3. Hi, if interested, please feel free to have a look by us  Cheers
  4. Hello,   I will be moving to Wuppertal with my wife and 3 year old daughter for new employment.   I would like to know what the usual waiting time (after registering for a place in kindergarten) in Wuppertal is?
  5. Gaby Holz – Englisch fuer Kinder is a language school in Munich Schwabing with focus on teaching English to young learners aged 4 to 18. We are looking for experienced teachers who are English native speakers from UK, USA , Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.
 You will work on a freelance basis in schools, kindergartens or at our English centre in Schwabing. Requirements     •    Native English speaker from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa     •    Experienced EFL teacher (teaching English to children on various levels and for various ages)     •    Valid visa/work permit to do freelance work     •    Good knowledge of German     •    Live in Munich     •    Experience and enthusiasm in working with children     •    Ability to lead a group as well as attending to individual needs     •    Responsible, dynamic, creative and cheerful      Please apply now by sending your CV and cover letter via email. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
 Gaby Holz Englisch für Kinder
 Keuslinstrasse 16 
80798 München
 Tel: 089/200 620 62 
  6. Recently i had an experience regarding kids playing in the playground which i'm not sure how to handle correctly!     My son (4.5 years old) is used to play on the swing in a nearby playground, usually for 5-10 minutes. I always tell him to be nice to others, so whenever we see another kid who wants to get on the swing too i tell him to share it with them so everyone can enjoy together. Well, it's a big swing and 4 kids and fit into that easily.    Nevertheless, there are 3 girls in the neighborhood who don't like to share the swing with him. So whenever they arrive they ask me to take him out by saying "we are more, so he should leave" or "he is small he can't play with us" and etc. And when i said lets play together (with smile of course) they tried going so high and shaking the swing to the sides so eventually he was scared and tried to get out of the swing.    Now, whenever he finds them coming toward the playground he just gets out of the swing like if they are the boss around and he is afraid of them. I never tried to interfere with them as i though they are some kids too and generally i'm nice toward kids, but i'm not happy when i see my son feeling helpless and frightened in situations like this.