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  1. Has anyone had a successful experience of applying for KfW support to buy a Genossenschaftsanteil?   I live in an apartment block that's being sold. It's located in a Milieuschutzgebiet so an interested Genossenschaft can with our consent take over the purchase, thus giving us security of tenure. Happily we have found such a Genossenschaft. We need to fund part of the purchase through buying Genossenschaftsanteile. We want to make this happen, albeit a few of us would need credit to afford it. That's where KfW come in: they provide "Nr. 134 KfW-Wohneigentumsprogramm – Genossenschaftsanteile: Kredit für den Erwerb von Genossenschaftsanteilen für eine selbstgenutzte Genossenschaftswohnung"   There are two ways to get it – both through a consumer bank rather than KfW, who have no branches nor other customer-facing apparatus apparently. The first is to have a Wohnberechtigungsschein, which we're applying for but think we won't get. The second seems utterly Kafkaesque. IBB have advised, through two different people today, and separately to the Genossenschaft, that without a WBS they will happily provide the credit but only if the borrower sends the bank the money first. Yes, you read that correctly. The bank will only offer the credit under the condition that the borrower pays the bank the money beforehand, as "security" (Sicherheit). They added that in the end no-one ever takes them up on this offer. (What a shocker!) While my German is decent enough, in this case my native-German speaking partner spoke at length with the bank, as did the Genossenschaft, so this is not a mistaken translation.    Unsurprisingly, I'm loath to believe that what we're being told could possibly be correct. Does anyone have any conflicting experience or knowledge here? My assumption is of course that the bank are either idiots, or are pretending to be so they don't have to go through the hassle of handing out low-interest credit when they could be doing something more financially productive. Regardless, it would be great to hear any leads on this matter...! At least in part so I don't have an aneurysm.   ps. we have tried other banks (in my partner's case Sparkasse, who just said, no, we don't do this, but would you like to buy a financial product from us), but not *every* bank. I can't say categorically now, but if I remember correctly IBB was the one suggested by the Genossenschaft originally. Before hearing about the policy noted above, obviously.