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  1. Judaism in Germany

    I'm not exactly sure how to ask my question but I'm wondering about Judaism in Germany and/or perception of Jews in Germany.  Antisemitism in the US has been rising and attacks on Jews make up a large percentage of religious-based hate crimes here. I have a lot I could say about antisemitism in the US but I don't want to dwell on that topic.   While I can read about this topic in news articles and things, I find that it's too easy to highlight the bad which can create a false assumption about how things really are.    What is the general attitude towards Jews in Germany? Is it generally safe? Are there areas that are less safe?    I do want to say that my interactions with the Germans I know personally (friends, family members, living outside of Germany) who are not Jewish has been very positive and everyone has been super accepting, kind, and even thoughtful. In fact, it's my German friends who have been first to recognize Jewish holidays, for example. So I do have somewhat of a positive view but then I have seen some things in posts and news articles suggesting otherwise...