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  1. Me again, with another question! Sorry if you get sick of me...I'm deep in gathering all the information we could possibly need to figure out before moving!   I have some questions about if you get a job through USAJobs. (Let's ignore the fact that it takes forever and all the other details.) Say it happens.   Does anyone know about health insurance with this? And taxes? Do you pay German taxes and receive public health insurance (this is what I'm hoping for) or do you pay US taxes and end up having US health insurance? How does that then work as far as if you need medical care? Are you required to go to the military base or can you go anywhere?   I'm familiar with Tricare because I had that for the majority of my life and would prefer not to receive all my healthcare on a military base (sorry...I just haven't had positive experiences with that.) We're trying to figure out if it's worth going the USAJobs route or if we're better off just trying to find a job in Germany.    I don't believe this matters but I'm a German citizen. I haven't been on German health insurance since I was a kid so I don't think I can just go back to it and pay for it though, correct me if I'm wrong on that!