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  1. First of all, i'm aware I fucked up and took advantage of the the very good system that's in place but please hear me out first and resist your urge to berate me... I'm receiving ALG 2 for some months and had used the allowed holiday time already in before December 2021. In the middle of December I traveled home for Christmas as I had received news that it could be the last one with my family member. Although obligated to, I did not notify the Jobcenter as I was hoping to spend my last weeks with my family member without losing my benefits - a dumb mistake on my behalf. They unfortunately passed away shortly after I arrived. Since then I've been stuck abroad longer than expected to sort things out, and very recently I received a phone call from the Jobcenter which i did not answer. I think the phone call was to do with something else, but there's a possibility the unanswered foreign ring tone may have alerted them to my location. I'm scared that I may have to pay back everything I've received if they find out i didn't notify them. i was just so unsure of the best way to handle it and i'm really unsure of how to now. Should I... . A] Confess the truth before they call me out - inform them that I've been abroad, explain my rationale and situation? - For having not notified them, I may have to reimburse everything I've received over the past months. B] Shut the fuck up until they call me out and then tell the truth? C] Shut the fuck up until they call, then cover my tracks after they call me out. E.g...tell them I left Germany briefly just this week, Photoshop flight details, tell the that I forgot to inform them having felt distressed over the recent bereavement? - if C works, I should be ok. D] ??? . For the record, i'm returning to Germany as soon i'm not needed in my home country and I will continue living in Germany long term. You may now berate me if you please.