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  1. Hi all, I work as a freelancer in a small company in Berlin and in the last month my boss, without telling me, started to enter in my job email account. I don't have anything to hide, but it's just really upsetting as a worker and now she starts also to reply and comment in conversations she's not cc'ed in. Besides the obvious bad taste, is there any law in regards to this? Thank you
  2. Looking for a Kindergarten/Nursery Teacher (Erzieher/in) and a Childcare Worker (Kinderpfleger)   The “Isarbande e.V.” ( is a parents’ initiative for 17 children between the age of 1.5 - 6 years.  Our kindergarten is located in the heart of Munich between Gärtnerplatz/Viktualienmarkt/Isartor.  We are currently looking for an enthusiastic, loving and committed kindergarten / nursery teacher (Erzieher/in) and a childcare worker (Kinderpfleger) to join our open-minded and harmonious team.   You can find all details regarding the above positions on our website   Sounds interesting? We’d absolutely love to hear from you.  Please submit your detailed application to:
  3. sd&m Zwerge e.V. is a billingual Kindergarden in München Perlach. We welcome children of all cultural backgrounds between the age of 1-6 years. Our Kindergarden is a parents’ initiative publicly supported by the Landeshauptstadt München. Our teachers bring patience, warmth and understanding to the classroom every day, encouraging children and making sure their needs are met. Parents are involved in many aspects of our program.   We are looking for a caring NURSERY SCHOOL TEACHER (m/w/d) for an IMMEDIATE START to join our team FULL-TIME or PART-TIME.   REQUIREMENTS: – qualification as Erzieher(in) or other equivalent qualification; internationally recognised certificates will be also considered – relevant work experience with children under 6 years of age – the ability to respond to needs of children in a sensible and sensitive manner – the ability to communicate effectively with children, families and the team – committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children – the ability to respond to and interact with children in a positive way – good German skills; English skills are welcome   WE OFFER: – employment contract according to TV AWO Bayern (Sozial- und Erziehungsdienst) – annual special payments – bonnus payments – labor market allowance – monthly travel allowance – employer-funded pension – good connection to U5 metro line (we are direct on metro station Therese-Giese-Alle) – friendly and open working environment – regular training opportunities for our staff members   If you are strongly motivated to work in a friendly and supportive environment with highly qualified teachers and a group of 17 children, please send your application (with earliest possible start date) to: If you have any questions abou this job offer please call us on 089 67 97 55 81. For more information you can visit us at
  4. Hello all, Im a freelacer and I've been on board of a project for more than half of the year. Recently I received a job-offer (to be hired) somehwere else, and as a result I need to end my current project.   In the agrrement I signed with my client, it only outlined the duration (which is under a year) and the probation period and not one single line mentioning in case of early termination, what would be the requirement.   Ive read similar topic on Toytown but most of them have something written down actually in the contract.   I read that the statutory German emplyment law indicates a minimum amount of 1 month notice period, would that also apply to my case? Would there be any difference since Im a freelancer?   Many thanks in advance for any thread!
  5. Hallo alle! I wanted to get everyone's opinion regarding this; I've been recently interviewing at several startups in Berlin (I live abroad and I'd like to move to Berlin). All goes well until they invite me to an in-person interview, knowing my current location, they offer to pay for the flights and accommodation. My first response is to ask for an exception of being interviewed via video call instead, and that's when they turn me down. My question is do you think it's normal or fair to throw someone off the process altogether because of their geographical circumstance? It doesn't make sense to me to fly to Berlin (which means applying for and receiving a visitor's visa ON THE INTERVIEW'S SPECIFIED TIME) and interviewing with no guarantee of an offer. Also I can't do it for every company I'm in contact with, it just makes no practical sense to me. What do you think?
  6. Hello everyone, I am non-EU master student with a residence permit who is working on thesis right now. I am expected to finish it by the end of September 2017. I have been offered a job position at one of the German companies. According to my residence permit I am allowed to work only 120 days a year. I am over 30 and married. We have very modest monthly income and completely depend on it. My current 16h per week contract ends in the end of June and then I need some sort of income. I can live for about 1-2 months on the amount we saved but then I will still need a job. My question is, am I allowed to work while being a student?  According to my residence permit I can't work full-time but I was told at the insurance company that I can work full-time because I am over 30. So now I am confused what can I do and what not. 
  7. Hiring Immediately: Dishwasher / Kitchen Help - No German Required. Good pay, meals, 1 month vacation. This is a full time job and requires permission to work in Germany. Contact:
  8. Very short-term job in Munich

    A friend of mine is chasing his dream of relocating to Munich from Greece to join his girlfriend. He has been learning German non-stop and occassionally visits her and attends language classes. Ideally, he would like to find a job he could do every time he is there (say 2 weeks every 2-3 months) to cover some of the costs and improve his language skills.   Does anyone know if this is possible at all? We are talking about jobs without high education requirements, like delivery service, waiting tables, etc. Does he need to be registered in Munich? Does he need a bank account or can the money be deposited to his girlfriend's account / to his account in Greece? What about any complications with the tax office?   Sorry if it has been asked before, but I could not find anything directly related to my question.
  9. Hello everyone! is a translation agency based near Hamburg. Currently we are looking for a young project manager, an English native speaker to work in-house for our company.   The description of the position you can find below If interested or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us   E-Mail:  Tel.: 040-819784-200 Mrs Kreutzer    Kind regards Your Team
  10. YOUR TASKS AS KITCHEN HELP We seek a motivated, hard working person to learn high-end Asian cuisine, including Japanese knife skills, sushi, etc. Beginners are welcome. We offer meals, tips, performance-based salary. About Mun: He was born in Seoul, emigrated to Honolulu with his parents, and worked as a Wall Street banker until the financial crisis of 2008. He pursued his dream. After having two successful restaurants in Argentina, he seized the opportunity to open his namesake restaurant at the historic Haidhausen section of Munich. Awards: SZ Gourmet Award / 15 pts GaultMillau / 6+ pts Gusto.   This is a full time job and requires permission to work in Germany. Contact:
  11. Seeking a motivated, hard working person to learn high-end Asian cuisine, including Japanese knife skills, sushi, etc.  Beginners are welcome. Full time employment with salary, tips and meals. No German language skills required. Contact: