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  1. Hello everyone I'm planning on moving to Germany before the end of this year. I speak fluently two languages and can speak in English casually. That said, I am really interested in working with animals like on a farm or some other type of facility (not as a vet or anything highly qualified of course). Do you think it is possible to find someone willing to employ me? Where should I look for a job offer like that? 
  2. Hello   I'm about to start a job, 51,000 a year. I'm single (not married), i'm athiest, i'm 27 years old.   I also have another invoice coming up around 60,000 euros. I do not understand too much German finance as I am originally from the UK.   If i'm in full-time employment (and all of my taxes, insurances and surcharges are covered by my job), how much would I be taxed on the 60,000 after my full-time employement salary of 51,000 a year? I will be full time employed but would I also need to announce that I am freelance here? Are they any smart moves like savings accounts or tax breaks that I should know about to save myself getting hugely taxed or is it simply, that I would have earned 111,000 in the 17-18 tax yer?   Thanks in advance for your help and advice! J
  3. Age: 35 Nationality: British Residence status: EU citizen Time in Germany: 4.5 years German level: A2 Married to a German student, no children Job status: Just quit, leaving end of May Net worth: 200k, currently all liquid Occupation: Software engineer   So, I just quit the job, handed in my resignation and will leave end of May.   So a new chapter awaits. We will be moving to a new city in August, either in our state, or a different state, depending on if my wife is accepted to post-grad or starts teacher training.   Arbeitsamt I'll be heading to the Arbeitsamt in Tuesday to see what they have in store for me. Ideally, as I won't be receiving benefits for 3 months, they won't be pestering me to look for a new job immediately. What's the likelihood of this?   Renting an apartment Also, as we'll be renting a new apartment in August, I assume my unemployment will be a factor. Is the fact we have some money in the bank and never missed rent considered by landlords/rental agencies, or will it be a significant barrier?   Learning German Well I have no excuses here. Worked in an English speaking office, lived with my wife who studies English. And lazy as hell. Been studying more the past month and going to increase that considerably (been saying this for years). Actually considering going on an intensive course for 3 months if that is possible. Perhaps the Arbeitsamt will like that. Seems like a good opportunity to do that.   Job search Hopefully being a software engineer helps here. In demand profession and lack of German not always a barrier. Prefer to work remotely if possible as we won't be moving to a city with many tech jobs, plus I've worked on a distributed team for the past 18 months, so I have experience here. Creating XING and LinkedIn profiles today.   Residence status Brexit around the corner. I suspect I'll be applying for Permanent Residence. What if I don't have a job by then we but can support me and my wife financially? I hope to be B1 at least, plus I'm married to a German, so hopefully I won't be asked to leave regardless. I've not heard anything from my local Ausländeramt. I assumed I'd get a letter but perhaps I'll just have to visit them.   So any advice or information from people who have been through my situation, or can answer any of my questions would be greatly appreciated.  
  4. I got a niederlassungserlaubnis for a short time, and I am planning and changing jobs. possibly to another state. NRW to BadenWurt. is most likely. its the first time I do that in Germany so I am confused about what to do. whom should I inform? any special procedure I should go through?
  5. Hello dear community,   my partner has worked for 4 years as a trained and certified Occupational Therapist in the UK (NHS). We for sure see the need of specific English Speaking therapist here in Berlin, and I am wondering if there is a place/association that could help figuring out the requirements to work as an OT in Berlin but with a UK background. I read about PATH (The Association of English Speaking Psychotherapists in Berlin) but can't seem to find how to contact them.   Or maybe you are a therapist from the UK and are practicing your field here and wish to give us some tips? Any help/suggestions welcome.   Thank you!
  6. Advice on job contract

    Hi, I am reviewing my job contract and there are certain things that I hope to get some views on here.   I noticed that in Germany, there is a Christmas bonus and is this the same with any company bonus or is it an add on to another bonus that the employee is entitled to every year? In short how many kinds of bonuses do companies offer?   Are these bonuses usually offered to all employees in the company or do they sometimes offer it only for employees at a certain position level?   What are other points that a person should look for that could easily be missed or purposely not included in a contract?