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  1. Greetings! I'm an educated/qualified US citizen who would like to apply for jobs in Germany. While I believe I've researched all of the rules, the information I'm seeing from potential employers makes me question the feasibility of actually getting a contract as a non-EU national.   If my facts are correct (obtained here), any non-EU national who holds a comparable degree (per Anabin) qualifies for an EU blue card if they're offered a contract with a salary over €52000 (for 2018). Under these conditions, no hiring priority must be given to an EU-national. Effectively, any degree educated foreigner can be hired if they meet the salary threshold, with no additional burden on the employer save waiting for the blue card to be issued. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.   What makes me skeptical are job listings that explicitly state they won't offer visa sponsorship, even though the job a.) already requires a qualifying degree and b.) commands an average salary that exceeds the blue card threshold. Therefore, anyone they would consider hiring could feasibly obtain a blue card. Is this only meant to discourage those who wouldn't qualify anyway?   There are many possible explanations, but I'm asking here to ensure this isn't an indication of some rule or custom I'm unaware of. It could be that these employers intend to offer a below average salary. It could also be that they just put this on every listing as a disclaimer, and it's not addressed to blue-card qualifying applicants.   I'm more concerned this is an indication that the hiring custom in Germany is to continue prioritizing EU-nationals even in cases where there is no legal burden or requirement to do so. I am also suspicious that there could be some other liability for employers I'm unaware of, especially since the contract is required prior to the blue card's actual approval.   Does anyone here have any insight? It would be very much appreciated.  
  2. I applied for a new job, however, my first name is ethnic and very religious (I am not religious) which I don‘t use and don‘t want to be called by at work. My middle name is easier to pronounce and it is the one I have used to apply for jobs in the US without any problems. I always use my full name in legal documents though.   I got an interview and told one of my friends about it but when they saw my CV, they said that in Germany you must use your full name, put your DoB and a picture. I haven‘t seen a law that says I must. If the employer asks how should I address this situation? I sent out an American style CV in which I didn‘t even include my date of birth or picture because that is not necessary in the US. I never really thought about it but now I wonder: how I should proceed in the interview? should I mention it first or wait until they ask for my legal documentation to sign a job contract?   My e-mail has my middle name as well and they didn‘t care that I didn‘t put a picture or my date of birth, I did, however, put my nationality which is dual: American and Colombian.   This job is as a teacher for a school.   Thank you all for the help!
  3. Hi everyone! We are looking for Assembly Workers who would like to join our young and international production team.    This is a good way of earning money while learning the German language and enjoying the lovely city of Munich.    Here's the link to our Job Ad:   Should you be interested, please send us your CVs today!        
  4. Hello people, My name is Lisa Becker and I'm a language researcher from Humboldt university and I'm looking for native English speakers who speak German at B2 or higher. I'm conducting an 1 hour eye-tracking experiment (non-invasive and fun! Participants will earn 10€, get some candy and help making learning languages easier by helping science! Are you interested? We've got some free slots for next week. Just shoot me a message (English or German) or email me: Best, Lisa
  5. We are a young growing company. Looking for talent and employees to help us launch our products in the US ( Send CV over and say hello[@] make email cover letter and tell us wether you prefer M&Ms or Skittles. 
  6. Job for 4-6 weeks in Berlin?

    Hey everyone,   I'm a student with a student residence permit. Now I'm in a desperate need of money so I'm looking for some job for the next 4-6 weeks. I speak excellent German and English but don't have any particular skills, neither do I have a driving license.    Is it possible to find anything only for some weeks? I can work full time.     Thanks!
  7. Hello,   I will soon start a new position in a company. I am not European so I am required to have a work visa. The problem is that the contract that this company offers after the probation time (3 months) makes the resignation almost impossible not only the three months earlier but also only possible some time of the years and in some cases, it may take 6 months to leave this job. While in my home country there are no work opportunities, this is far from the job that I really want.   Happens that I still get a lot of interviews and I was in the final phase of another company (which is really my dream job). Now I am going back to Germany while the visa process and everything took some time, I am now questioning myself what should I do. I know that during the probation time the resignation time is two weeks. But if I decide to leave this job, I wonder what it may happen with my visa, how the employee may harm me or if I can change jobs during the probation time.   I am come here to ask if maybe someone had a similar experience. I imagine that if I leave the company during the probation time, they may actually be really mad at me as they pressure me so much in everything (early start, visa etc), but they actually did not help me much.    I am really thinking all the time about this other job which is my dream job. It is in the software industry and I would love to work for this company. I had some previous experience in programming and I think this other job would offer me the possibility to do what I want to do (of course that I also wondering if I am ready for the job / I am afraid of the challenge but yeah). While I have to wait for the final interview, I would like to be prepared for the outcomes.    How would this affect my visa? My actual job is a different city and region of my dream job.  Will I be punished by the other company somehow? Am I going to lose my visa status? (blue card) Some people say that I should spend 6 or one years at this company that I am now. But I feel like wasting my time and I worry about advancing my career.    Well, any answer or comments from people who have been in a similar situation would help me.
  8. I’ve been offered a job unofficially, and I suspect by the time I get the official letter, I’ll be on vacation. Can I still mail in a letter of resignation? If I wait until I’m back in Berlin, I’ll have to wait until the end of September to leave, but I’d like to leave in the middle of September at the latest. Hence the need to submit my resignation by 15 August; however, I’ll officially be on holiday until 17 August . Would my resignation be counted from the day it’s received even though I’ll be on vacation?
  9. Hello everyone,   I'll try to keep it short. I lived in Munich for 2 years where I worked the whole time. I got lured and flew over for a Software Engineer position in a small startup ; I was looking for any position in the world, it did not matter at the time. You have to know reading my story, everything in this company is shady, but I have proof of pretty much everything written down here.   You should also know, I was the only European (French) working there, they were all Chinese citizens, employees and founders. Long story   This company had a pretty good offer at first, which was 7.5% equity of the total company given to me in compensation of a pretty low salary for my level. The deal was simple, I get 7.5% within 1.5 years (33.33% per 6 months) and my salary automatically goes up if we get a first investor funding.   I worked hard, very hard, and they made me think i was an "associate" to convince me I was working hard for a reason. Also repeating me multiple time that what I own from the company "is worth million" (classic move).   Now, keep in mind I could never ever look, even once, to the finances state of the company despite theoretically owning a big part of it.   I worked every week and week-ends for months, over 80 hours per week and not counting to rewrite a Chinese eCommerce platform. I even went to the hospital for an entire week for unrelated reason, and kept being pushed by them throughout my stay. I worked every single day there too, from my hospital bed. Lots of witnesses saw them coming to push me.   Looking back at it now, they totally abused me, it actually had an impact on my health and i aged pretty fast, got back problem in the process while it never occurred before. It never went away afterwards.   After so much hard work, where I was at the core, I don't know how it happened but we got a funding. A Chinese investor was willing to put some money in. I don't know him, I never heard his name, and never got the exact number given. I just got the news.   Does that mean a raise ? Well, this was the only part which was never written on contract. So they tricked me into giving up 0.5% of the equity for a raise, and clearly told I was a simple employee "with some bonus" and not an associate. I worked that much to build something, and since it was built, they didn't need to "use me" so much anymore.   On a side note, no one in this company ever stayed more than 6 months but me. All the employees were coming and leaving very fast, seeing very few meaning to their work there. More of that at the end. This is actually pretty abnormal.   After I destroyed myself for them. After some fight, I was now normally paid in exchange of some of my equity ... Normally paid for a Junior ; except I'm Senior. But this does not matter so much, I accepted it.   I kept working for them but way less than before, at a normal rate (40h/w). Why did I stay ? I wanted to get those 7% by principle and then go away softly. Who knows ? If it works, i would still get a lot, it would compensate the struggle I had lived.   I got 2% after 6 months as it was planned ... But never got the rest. After 1 year  working for them, they were still not giving me my equities. After 2 years, still nothing. I pass the details, each time I was talking about what they owed me, they were evasive. After threatening them a lot throughout the time i worked for them, they never gave one little piece of finance report. It was time for me to leave. I decided I want to work remote to start to get out of this "environment" and go part time for some finance protection. I needed some air.   Instead of just letting me go or tell me it's not possible, they tricked me once again into signing my resignation and promised me I would be freelancer. I had to setup a company for that, so I left for France from where I would work from now on. They never contacted me after. I had no right to the German unemployment because I resigned, I was let down without my 7%, and I had a shit pay check for 2 years for nothing. I lost my time in every possible way imaginable.   In my field and with my experience, it was very easy to find another position. I basically changed country and went on with another company in a couple of days. It goes very well now, and i'm paid normally. I refused all the next equity propositions.   But here's the thing, I can't let those guys be, for multiple reasons.   You could think it's for revenge, but overall, I think it's because I don't want this kind of "company" and their owners to be implanted in Europe, ever. Their shit attitude came right from China - which is extremely retarded on anything related to labor laws - and it should stay there. If you go to Europe and setup a company, you act accordingly to the system in place there.   This is a big point, and this is the biggest criteria for my post today and my will for their fall. For me those guy should get the fuck out of Germany and Europe.   In short   - They made an employee work over 80 hours per week, including week-ends and hospital stays and making it look like "he doesn't have a choice". This is manipulation and should not be possible and/or sanctioned in Germany. - They fucked someone over 7% equity from a contract which was written down in front of a notarian. This is not right. - They were never clear about the finances, the capital or even the investor, to the point I highly suspect some money laundering from their side. This was an "empty" company, we were not making any visible money, but the cash was flowing. This has to be checked. - Also, all employees vanished after very short time because they were abusing them on every single ways. This is visible in their labour history and multiple people can witness it as well.   This has to be stopped. I don't think i would have the courage to go to the court to make them pay for me, but i want to report this case to the German government at least. I searched on the Internet but could not find any form to report, or help.   In very short   How to you report a company to the German government so they get a total inspection of their finances / labour laws ? Is there any other way to make this stop ? Like an association to help people like me who got abused severely ?   PS : Sorry for the very long message
  10. Hello everyone, I searched a lot around here but didn't find a topic that talks about my specific situation. I've been working in Germany for many years now. Since the last year and a half I have been in my actual company. They fired me some months ago, being my last oficial day the 31st of July (I took my remaining holidays before that, until the end of the contract). Today I learned that because my last day is already in July, I should be entitled to all year holidays. Being so, I should already be gone or they should pay me for the days I worked. Now comes the strange part: I talked to my company about this. They say I'm right and I can take all the holiday days for the whole year. However, they say that if I do this, I won't be able to take holidays this year on my new employer. Does this even make sense? How would the new employer know? Can someone help me finding out if this is actually true and what's the reason behind it? Thank you very much!
  11. Hi everyone.   I am offered an Engineering job in Bayern area, but since I'm not very familiar with convention/custom of German job contract, I have some doubt with the contract, namely:   No overtime regulation clause (means they don't recognize overtime?) No bonus regulation clause (no bonus scheme/supplement at all, fixed payment?) No annual pay-rise clause (is it something one should negotiate later?) No healthcare clause (there is pension, though) (I have to take public insurance by myself I am non-EU national)   A basic check against (Employment contracts) seems to check out though, with some exception.     Is this kind of condition is to be expected for a German contract? what should I be aware of? The company itself is a medium sized company (80+ people) which is subsidiary of larger, multi-national company. In additio the salary is on slightly higher than the region average. (to give context about legitimacy)   I'm not sure what information/context I should add, feel free to suggest if some info are missing and I will update it immediately.   Cheers,   Achi
  12. Hello all, A friend of mine finished her Master's in a German university. She got a job immediately afterwards where she stayed for around 15 months, then she switched to another job. By the end of the probation period (6 months) she got fired. This means she worked 21 months in total after finishing her degree and she could have applied for the Niederlassungserlaubnis had she worked 3 more months. Now the question is, how long is she allowed to stay in Germany to find a new job. She has a visa till June 2018 but it is connected to the job that she lost. Thanks in advance!
  13. Dear guys, I have got a master degree here in China, and work as an SAP consultant in a big international company. I do want to find a job in Germany. It would be better to do the same job. I've seen lots of people get a chance to work in Germany, but I don't have any ideas how they did it. I sincerely hope you guys can give me some hints. Thanks!
  14. I am working for a company in the probezeit with a blue card. If I receive a new offer, I would like to leave the company because I really do not think I can advance myself in the job. I would like to know how can I change jobs during the probezeit? Can I sign a contract to start in the following months and ask for resignation?   How will this affect my visa status? Will I be punished by the company about my visa status and how normally works the resignation? I believe that the company will be furious at me but I just do not feel that this is the right job for me.
  15. Hello,   is there someone who works as a civil engineer in Munich or in Bavaria in general and was given the opportunity to work in English while learning German (so - first few months)? What are the chances for someone who has 3 years of experience working in the field (in another country), with basic German knowledge, but very actively working on it?   Any advices on application process, companies which could have a position for someone with the described profile?   Thank you!