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  1. Does anyone know or experience about Deutsche Bank new Financial Assistant - ROBIN   What the heck it is? How to use it ? Is it good?    It looks likes its a tool using which we can do investment or buy stocks but I am not sure about how it  will work?
  2. Dear Altruists, I am an expat working in Germany for couple of years in aerospace industry. I believe it's high time for me to start thinking about investment. I am talking about small investments. Like at a time I like to invest 15K euro and then may be every month 1 - 1.5K euro. For such small investments, I am looking for suggestions from the experienced investors in Germany. Can you please advise the best way to risk-free/minimum-risk investment in Germany as of in 2020?
  3. I am investing in mutual funds in my foreign account  in a foreign currency and I need to understand how much taxes I will be paying in germany. I am writing this post after lots of hours of googling and finding very little info about german tax system. Although, I found this thread from PandaMunich which explains very well about new taxation on mutual funds and shares. But there are few things which are still not clear for me:   1 . In that thread, it is assumed that funds are bought on 1.Jan. How the taxes are calculated if the funds are bought during the year? For example , If i buy funds' units every month using Sparplan.   2. What about currency exchange rates ? which exchange rate should i use when I am filling up my german tax forms?   3. I am thinking to use Etoro and copy portfolios which invest in forex and shares. These portfolios do intraday trading thorughout the year. In this case, how I can calculate my taxes?   4 . what are the tax rates for forex trading in germany?