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  1. Hi Toytowners,   Though I feel this might have been discussed somewhere else, couldn't find it so far. I have a couple of questions on investment, and would be grateful for any helpful info. 1. Can I (a non-US citizen) invest in actively managed US Mutual Funds (not index funds which are exchange traded) while living in Germany? Any tax implications other than German Capital Gains tax? 2. My Indian Fund investments attract a long term capital gains. Though there is a double taxation avoidance treaty between the two countries, what happens when I sell AND pay Indian CG Tax?   Thanks a lot! Cheers, Mario
  2. Independent Investment Consultant and Insurance broker for international clients in Germany. We offer a large portfolio of various investments in funds, shares and property and also guarantee a long-term management of the investments portfolios. Also we will help with an indepentent advice by questions around insurances, real estate financing, health insurance, car- & liability insurance and retirement planning.   Daniel Charles Bossenz Independent Investment Consultant & Insurance Broker   Alexanderstraße 3 10178 Berlin Germany   Email: Website: Telephone: 08002677369
  3. Does anyone know or experience about Deutsche Bank new Financial Assistant - ROBIN   What the heck it is? How to use it ? Is it good?    It looks likes its a tool using which we can do investment or buy stocks but I am not sure about how it  will work?
  4. Mutual Fund Management Expats

    Dear all, we recently were told that we cannot keep our investment accounts in the U.S due to regulation. We are registered and working and paying taxes in Germany but go to the U.S. often. They just have to be in compliance with U.S. law which we understand.   Does anyone have any recommendation for a firm with a branch in Berlin for expats that can advise and manage young portfolios? We probably will retire in Germany so this is for the long term project.   We want to avoid paying exorbitant fees of course. We also started looking at Robinhood but that seems based in the U.S. too, is there a good German alternative? Can it be in other EU locations. The other note is that my partner is both an EU and US citizen. So we need someone who can advise on regulation in both Germany and the U.S.   We found Anyone know them?   Looking online has been a bit overwhelming! Recommendations welcome!   Thanks, Alexa  
  5. Hi All,   Could someone here please guide me with the following terms in english? and what does it exactly means in the german financial market context?   " Ausgabeaufschlag " "Fondsg." "Verwaltungsvergutung" "Fondsgesellschaft" "Abgeltungsteuer"
  6. Hi All,   I am a resident german and a novice to investing. I want to start investing in mutual funds. However, as i lack german language proficiency, i am unable to understand all the "financial terminology". Also, before starting investment, i want to have some basic information. So can someone be kind and answer the following queries?   1) What will be the steps from having money in my account to starting SIP (systematic investment plan)? 2) What things i need to look out for, specially if i invest in funds in germaany? (e.g. fees, duration. etc.) 3) Will my SIP investment affect my tax liability? if yes then why? 4) I earn a salary from an employer, so my tax declarations are very straight forward. How will my investment change my tax liability? 5) Which are reliable sources for information in english about funds in germany?