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  1. Any small-time one-off advisers out there?

    I am rather a newbie in Germany, but I have lived in a lot of other European countries and know that all do things a bit differently.   I am looking for financial advice on very simple matters, not tons of investment, insurance, etc., but on stuff like selling out of a single investment held in the UK, depositing the money here, consequences for tax, what documents I need for KYC/AML, all that sort of thing.   Yes, I have made an appointment at the bank about all the documentation and have been asking around about CGT and all that sort of thing. But I want to be doubly sure I am not missing anything, especially something that might just never cross my mind, because it is unique to Germany. Plus an independent adviser might know better than me where to better stash the cash (although I like to keep things plain and simple).   Are there such advisers out there who can provide what I would call case-by-case assistance?