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  1. So it has been mentioned that we should have a thread dedicated to personal investments in stocks, funds. ETF's, etc.   What are you investing in? Are you interested in investing but don't know where to start? I think we have a lot of people here who are interested in this so I just wanted to get the ball rolling.   As for me, I have several investments in the U.S. It is all part of my retirement plan along with a rental property in Munich. I don't think that I can give a whole lot of advice but would like to hear from others.   Currently, I am buying shares of GE while it is going down. I have been invested in GE since 2002 and since it hasn't been doing well lately, I am trying to get my cost basis down a bit. I am confident that it will get back up to at least $50 in the not so distant future. I picked up another 100 shares yesterday at $16.93 and have another order to pick up another 100 at $15.20.   What are the rest of you doing now with the almost 9 year bull market. Taking some off the table? Still investing? 
  2. Hi folks,   Just curious if anyone invests in the stock market on their own over an internet platform based here in Germany.  If so, how satisfied have you been, not necessarily with the performance of your stocks, basically a crap shoot anyways, but on the platform itself.  Things like ease of use, fees and the like.   There are so many options available when you do a Google search, it's hard to know where to begin.   Thanks!  
  3. Hi there,   I am Spanish living and working in Germany (tax residence).   I want to start investing (I've been thinking index funds, roboadvisors and maybe some ETFs).   All this is very new for me; I am educating myself with information from Spain, i.e. in Spanish and with Spanish banks and brokers. I have chosen some nice options but I am a bit afraid now to move on since I am paying taxes in Germany.   In Spain, having more than 50000 euros in another European country one must do some special (and apparently complicated) paperwork.   Is it the same here?   Do you see this option easy or it would be better to find some solutions here in Germany?   Also, looking for information in the forum I found I have to pay 26.375% of the profit.   thanks regards