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  1. Hello Members,   I am buying a house and looking for an Interpreter / Translator who can be present physically during the Contract signing process. In other posts, I've seen the official site where to find an interpreter but I am looking for specific recommendation around Dusseldorf.   1. Is there anyone who has used the service and can recommend a good interpreter? 2. How much does it cost in general?   Thanks.   Best regards, Surajit
  2. Certified Translations   Professional translation services in German and English – VAT-free (save 19%)   Professional translator / interpreter (German native speaker, 11 years of working experience, sworn in by the Regional Court Munich I) offers certified translations of: certificates (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) business documents (statutes, company agreements, entries in the register of companies, tax statements, etc.) driver’s licenses university diplomas / degrees divorce decrees CVs / letters of application any other official / legal documents I also have proven experience in the following fields: IT / AV Law Marketing / market research Pedagogy / education Commerce   I can also assist you with interpreting for authorities, courts, immigration / customs offices, the “Kreisverwaltungsreferat” München etc.   I am tax-exempt under Sec. 19 of German Tax Law.   Please send me a Personal Message for a customized quote (prices depend on the text length/difficulty)   --   This is a paid placement posting.