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  1. Hi everyone,  We will be moving to Regensburg for a short work assignment for 6 months. Really looking forward to this experience - I heard that Regensburg is a beautiful place. Excited to meet people, learn a new culture and language.   Would love to get your advice and inputs on : 1. Must-visit/Must-do things in Regensburg 2. Best providers for WiFi/Internet in my apartment rental 3. Best prepaid mobile/cellphone/handy plans (with ~2-3GB data per month) 4. Recommended shopping stores for home decor 5. Average cost of living for a couple   
  2. A bit fed up today about the relentless onward march of digitisation and the accompanying attrition of face-to-face services. Take banks closing branches, removing cashpoints and expecting their customers - who are still expected to pay fees for something or other - to bank online. Can one print cash off the internet? No. Is it safe to stand at a cashpoint on the pavement and conduct one's banking there? No. Can banking online ever be as secure as banking offline? I'm certainly not convinced. Does everyone always have the latest digital technology securely equipped for online banking and home office complete with printer and photocopier? I don't think so. Other companies are going the same way. Like British Airways, expecting stranded passengers (as happened to me last year) to find accommodation and rebook flights on their smartphones (I still have a bog standard mobile) rather than at the "customer service" desk at the terminal ("sorry, we can't rebook your flight, try our customer services number") or on the phone ("sorry we can't take your call, please try again later"). Why can't we use digitisation as a tool and not let it rule us? Why can't we have a happy medium: face-to-face services and digitisation?