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  1. We have been living with my wife for 3 years in Germany. Three months ago our child was born. Now, my wife and my daughter are insured as dependent members with public insurance (my wife was not working before having a child).    Given a good job opportunity, I will leave the country to go somewhere else to work, but we decided for my wife to stay with the kid in Germany, with relatives, for a few months (so that I can find a house and settle, before they join me).    I am wondering what happens with insurance for the kid and my wife. We received a letter a couple of weeks ago mentioning that the kid will be insured, but I am not sure what happens with my wife. Does anyone have any clue?
  2. Hi everyone, I have been working in Germany for 5 years and have a Niederlassungserlaubnis.  I am going to take up a full-time job in Austria for a limited number of years, but want to keep my German address and commute a little. This should allow me to keep my German Niederlassungserlaubnis.   My questions are: 1. Health insurance: I am currently privately insured in Germany. After I change my job, do I have to continue paying for my private insurance in Germany? Given that my full-time job in Austria will cover health insurance already. What is the most cost effective way? 2. Pensions: What happens to the pension contributions that I have paid while working in Germany? 3. Second employment: I am trying to arrange a second employment contract with my current employer in Germany, in addition to my full-time job in Austria. As far as I understand, this is fine under Austrian law as long as the second employment does not exceed 8 hours a week. In this case, will my German employment contract still cover half of my German health insurance and other social insurance premium? What else should I pay attention to about having a cross-border second employment contract?   Many thanks! 
  3. My husband works as a freelance illustrator / artist and last year for the first time in his career had a client request Public Indemnity and Liability insurance.  They covered the expense of this so via a broker agreed a policy with Hiscox running 18.09.18 - 17.09.19 We were, perhaps naively, under the impression that this policy was only for a year, as we had explained to the broker that it was a single project and not something he ever normally needs. Fast forward 10.5 months and we've just received a letter in the post congratulating him on his decision to renew and asking for information on changes to his business. Since this project in late 2018, my husband has unfortunately not had any commissions and has made zero money from his illustration, so is now looking for a full-time job. With that in mind we now have even more so no use for the coverage AND we cannot afford to pay 825€ for it.   I've scoured the AGBs and cant see any information about a Kündigungsfrist and have emailed Hiscox and our broker to explain the situation, but am terrified we will be forced to pay this amount.   Questions: Can we still cancel? What are our options if his business is making no turnover, but we haven't changed anything at the Finanzamt yet?   We don't have a SEPA-Lastschrift setup - what happens if we simply refuse to pay the new invoice? Will his coverage be automatically cancelled or are we going to be sued by Hiscox / face even more fines / even worse, be blacklisted for bad credit?   Any help anyone can give would be incredible - I'm devastated and paying this invoice will be a huge financial hit on an already terrible year...   Thanks so much!     
  4. Hi Everyone,   I'm finding it surprisingly hard to find a definitive answer on a question about home insurance. Here's the situation:   I own an apartment in a newly built building in Berlin. There are 22 units in this building, and we own the common areas in common. The building association has insurance for the common areas.   For my individual apartment, I want to insure all contents against damage, theft, fire, etc. And I want to insure my interior walls, doors, appliances, bathroom, kitchen, etc. against fire, water damage, damage by others, etc.   So my question: Do I need Hausratversicherung or Wohngebäudeversicherung? When I read about Wohngebäudeversicherung, it usually seems to be directed at people who own the entire building (like a house), or perhaps part of a duplex. But, there it's not clearly stated that it applies to apartment owners.   For example, I was advised to use Axa, so I went to their online Wohngebäudeversicherung calculator, but the wizard only gave two options for building type: Einfamilienhaus or Zweifamilienhaus. So, it seems apparent that this does not apply to apartment owners.   But, Hausratversicherung appears to only apply to contents (i.e., moveable items), so that does not seem to be enough.   Can someone clear this up for me?   Thanks!
  5. Is KSK worth it for me?

    Hi,   As I'm approaching my one-year Berlinniversary, my situation keeps rapidly changing. That's great, but I'm also constantly filled with new questions.   My question now is about KSK, whether it's worth it for me or not and what are the pros and cons. I already know a lot about the application process, so I'm looking for a bit of advice more than information about that.   So, here's my situation: - EU Citizen, no previous record of being in the public system in the EU, so I'm currently using a private insurance with a €1000/mo deductible (which is insane) - Under 30 - Have a BFA degree in Theater/Creative Writing - Full-time freelancer and Kleinunternehmer (if things keep going this well next year, however, I may not be a Kleinuternehmer anymore) - Most of my current jobs are somewhat related to my field, except for modeling. I'm a coach/mentor for artists and students and I also write (but that may fall more into the 'marketing' area, as the material is usually posted online) - Once in a while I earn money as a performer, but most of my gigs are unpaid, or paid very little. But I have a lot of documentation from that, which can help with my KSK app. - May want to pursue a Master's degree in the near future, but not sure - Not planning on having kids at least for the next decade   So, my big questions are: 1. Can I join the KSK with my current professions? Are they 'artistic' enough? 2. Is it worth it? From what I looked up, I'd be paying around €60 more than I would if I stuck with private insurance. I know that price will go up as I get older and that €1000 deductible is not nice at all (I can't REALLY use my insurance huh), but I don't really feel super settled in Berlin yet. It would be nice to pay into a pension scheme, because I do worry about what to do when I'm older, but what if I move in the next 1-2 years? On the other hand, I would like to go to the doctor and not have to pay out of pocket.   I appreciate any insights on this!   Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi,   In a bit of a pickle. Last year I switched from GKV to PKV, filled out the ton of forms and assumed everything was ok. Went to claim for one of my visits and the insurer requested a full medical history from my doctors. I obliged and two weeks later my consultant received a letter stating my PKV was cancelled due to not declaring a chronic illness on the form. (Fine, I made a mistake  - didn't realise what I was treated for was considered chronic)    So now, trying to get new insurance. No insurer will apparently take me until I get a letter from two doctors stating my illness is not chronic. I have tried to contact the doctors multiple times but still no letter. My consultant has warned me that if I do not get these by the end of the month then I will be charged a lot of money.    Can anyone tell me what will be the outcome? I know I cannot get back onto GKV (Although that would be ideal)  If nobody will insure me, who is charging this money? Why am I not being offered the basis tariff? Am I being mislead by the consultant?   Thank you!! 
  7. I bought a house in February this year. Provinzial, the insurance company of the previous owner, contacted me by letter shortly after I moved in, to which we replied saying we would not be taking over whatever policy was on the house. Unfortunately this was not sent by registered email and Provinzial says they have no record of it.   Upon moving in, we signed up for a new policy with another insurance company and life went on.   Until a month ago when Provinzial called us (not sure how they got our phone number) to tell us that we owe them money. They claim they never received our letter and that they have been sending us multiple letters since (upon further enquiry during a face to face meeting, they admitted they sent these letters to the previous owner and not to us).   Apparently since then, and without letting me know, they have renewed a policy for another year. They also cannot tell me what exactly they renewed because the previous owner had a full insurance package (house, car, life, etc.) so that is not directly applicable to me.   Has anyone had this kind of experience when buying a property in Germany? And what my rights might be in this situation? I unfortunately don’t have a legal insurance and while I understand it may not be worth fighting for a relatively small sum, I don't like their their lies (claiming they sent me multiple letters after the first one but later admitting they sent them to the previous owner). 
  8. Hello everyone, I just would like to clarify; We are 5 family members, insured by TK, and I'm working as a full time employee. My wife started to work as an online freelancer and expected to earn 500-600 EUR per month (net 200EUR). By consulting the insurance regarding any changes to our family insurance, they stated that: - Since she is earning 450-1000EUR/month (regardless to the net income - but what comes to her bank account) she has to pay something around 190+ EUR per month. My questions are: - Is this a typical procedure? - Are these fees/contributions differ from insurance provider to another? - Is it feasible for her if this is her max income? I mean, can she return anything when she do her tax declaration? Another question if anyone can help (Don't know if it is related to this category): - How much approximate percentage she is expecting to pay in taxes on this low income? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Unemployment and health insurance

    Hello,   I have a TVL-14 contract (and residence permit + blue card eligibility zusatzblatt) valid until July 31, 2019.  I am single and am not yet 50 (or is it 55) years old.   As per the informal agreement with my employer prior to the creation of this contract, I am leaving the job on April 30, 2019 and will switch to a (tax-free) fellowship as a visiting scientist at the Max Planck for 3 months. I will sign a winding-up contract with my current employer for this. As of now, I plan to leave Germany at the end of July, but this is not 100 % certain.   1) If I leave the job, am I technically unemployed ? Can I register at the unemployment bureau ? Of course, I will inform them that I am taking up the fellowship at the Max Planck..    2) One main thing I will lose is my private Debeka health insurance, since it will become too expensive for me to maintain on my own (without an employer's contribution). TKK refused me before (long story involving 9 months on a salary and TKK when I arrived, followed by a fellowship and cheap private health insurance, and then a salary again and Debeka because TKK refused). But TKK did say that if I lost my job, I could switch to TKK. So question 1 is related to this...    3) If I cannot go back to TKK, I have to find a cheaper private insurance. Any suggestions ? I guess there is always Mawista, but I would like to have the option of TKK if possible.   Thanks !      
  10. Does anyone here have any recent experience with Hallesche—in particular, any experience getting hold of customer service?   A year or two ago we signed up online for their dental insurance (Zahnzusatzversicherung) on the strength of recommendations here and on other websites.  Apart from sending in reimbursement forms for teeth cleaning, we've never had any reason to contact them until now.  Basically, we're moving abroad and so need to discuss the possibility of keeping our policies, which we would generally prefer to do so that we can keep the coverage level we've accumulated.  (According to the fine print it is possible to keep the policies after moving abroad, but only at a different tariff, so we need to know what this tariff is, and to cancel the policies in case it is too high.)   The problem is that Hallesche aren't responding to our queries.  They never answer the phone and haven't responded to two queries using their online contact form we've sent in the past month.  I guess the next step is a registered letter.   I did some Googling and turned up a review site where people are posting similar complaints.  Almost all of the recent reviews say that, while the company had been very good in the past, recently they have become almost completely uncommunicative, even to letters sent Einschreiben/Rückschein.  Even requests for reimbursement or certificates of coverage are taking months to process.   Does anyone here know what's up with Hallesche, or have any recent success in getting them to respond to queries?
  11. Good day,   I'm in Germany as an MSc student and my wife and two boys joined me through a "Familiy Reunion Visa" (Familiennachzug). I have a private insurance through a scholarship sponsor for all of us. That scholarship and its insurance are ending soon and the costs to continue with them are of around 500 EUR that we are unable to handle at the moment.   I went to AOK to ask about Freiwillige versicherung, but they told me that it is not an option as I'm over 30 and I'm under a Student Resident Permit.   What I can't understand is if my wife can apply to AOK or TK and through them get insurance for the whole family. As my wife's Resident Permit is unlimited (no student restrictions to work or income), she is looking for a job as registered by the Arbeitsamt, and considering that she is now in a private insurance contract that is ending soon.   I'd appreciate any comment if this is possible. If not, are our only options the insurance for students like Vela or Mawista?   Cheers,
  12. Sign fell on my car

    There are some roadworks on the street outside our house. I parked near a barrier and sign. The wind just blew it over onto the car and there's a couple of 2-3 inch scratches on the bonnet.   Can I claim for this from the city?
  13. Hello folks,   In the context of a study about car insurance innovations , we are looking for current and former users of Telematik-Tarif (also known as Usage-Based Insurance UBI, pay as you drive, or data-driven car insurance) in Germany or Austria to talk about their experience with car insurance in an interview via Skype.   Telematik-Tarif or Usage-Based Insurance is a car insurance model in which the insurance premium calculation is based on the driving behaviour, if you have a good driving style you will pay less!   Participation details - The interview is anonymous, conducted in English and recorded (only audio) for further transcription - The interview is going to take between 20 and 40 minutes - The interviews will be conducted from 2 March to 1 April 2019   To know more about this study and to evaluate your eligibility for this user study, please click the following link:   Feel free to forward this call for participants to other people. Please let me know if you have any questions. We will be in touch soon!!!
  14. I'm a recently arrived 31 year old American who will start a 2-year masters degree in Munich in October (I have prior insurance coverage through the end of September). I have a question about insurance starting in October. I've researched this a bit, but many of the posts I've found are old or fragmented so I could really use an external validation of my understanding or a correction if I'm wrong. I'd also love any additional thoughts anyone has.   As I understand it, my having arrived in Germany over age 30 means I'm not eligible for the public insurance and must buy insurance through the private market. Either that or I've been told that I might still be able to apply to the public insurance but for staying as little as a few years at my age I'd be better off with private. I'm not sure which of those is true but either leads me to think private insurance is what I need.   I've struggled a bit to find options for private insurance though. First, the Studentwerk site for Munich links to as the option they have negotiated for those like me. That has two levels of insurance, but the coverage seems rather poor, particularly at the basic level (even checkups and immunizations aren't included). It has limited non-German coverage meaning travel (e.g. trips home) could require additional insurance.   The forum at pointed me to an alternative option ( which seems better (e.g. one version of it includes foreign travel for up to 6wk/yr), but has some other strange holes in coverage. Not knowing what's typical for the German market though I'm unsure which coverage level is common or low or high.   At this point I'd normally find a third or fourth option and do a simple cost/benefit analysis, but all the other options I find seem to be public options, which I am presumably not eligible for, or their sites are all in German (mine isn't good enough to read detailed health insurance information yet) and plans seem to be focused on working people (are those plans applicable for my situation? If not, what plan type is?). Is there a marketplace somewhere that could help me sort through this? Are there other plans anyone can recommend? Thoughts on things I should make sure are covered or can ignore missing coverage for? (e.g. dental and vision? Typically included or paid separately here as in the US?) Also, I read something about needing to verify German eligibility for any plan I pick; details on that?   I'd very much like to do my due diligence here before making a choice but my research so far has left me without a final answer or a clear path for further research and with lots of conflicting information; any help anyone has on how best to do so is much appreciated!     Followup Note: After writing this, another resource I'd contacted responded validating my ineligibility for public plans and suggesting instead. Adding it to the discussion here in case anyone has experience with any of the three options I have found so far.
  15. Hi all,   I know there are many post about KSK and artist visa but I don't seem to find the answer for my case.   So I was granted artist visa about 7 months ago but I have been away for art related job on and off and I just start my application process with KSK recently.   My visa extension is approching and it is likely that I will not be able to get into KSK on time for my visa extension. Can i ask if anyone has successfully extend their artist visa while still waiting for KSK? Can I bring email exchange document with KSK so that the ABH knows that it is not like I will not get into KSK?   Or perhaps the ABH would give me fiktionbescheinigung until I get in to KSK?   Am I going to be kicked out of German soil?