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  1. Hello,  I'm working in Germany since end of 2017. I have a private insurance. To understand the benefits of public insurance I filled online TK form last week, by using the option 'become a member' where I also gave my address. My expectation was someone will reach me to discuss options and to decide on a contract. Instead they sent me a letter stating I am now a member and my insurance will commence from 1 April. In the letter they also wrote if I am against this decision, then to send a letter of objection within one month. They also wrote sending letter of objection does not mean suspension of payment.  I do not want to have this public insurance (TK) and prefer to continue with my private insurance.  Is it sufficient if I send the letter to TK stating I want to cancel my application. Or is there something else I need to do? I don't want to pay for both the insurance in April.  Please help me with your answers.  Thank you.
  2. Hello Toytown, Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I am a recent arrival to Munich (as of December 1st) with my husband and we are currently in the process of navigating insurance. I have read previous posts from a few years ago but the information seems contradictory so I am hoping someone can help clarify things for me.   Background: I take Effexor 37.5mg per day (Venlafaxine) as prescribed by the psychiatrist back in California. Moving here I got a three month supply (which is now at 2 months) to hold me over while I navigate and enroll in insurance. First step was getting housing, which around the holidays was a little harder to do but we finalized last Friday. Now I have time to focus on this but I am not sure what type of insurance to get that will cover the medicine and psychiatry appointments. I will not need a therapist as I am doing online therapy but I do need this prescription. A German friend mentioned I would have to see a psychiatrist for this medication rather than a general practitioner but she wasn't 100% sure about that. My questions are the following: 1. What insurance (private or public or both) should I be looking at to cover this mental health need? 2. How long does the set up process take for insurance in Germany?  3. Would anyone know in the medical field if a general practitioner could prescribe this?    My main concern is going without the medication as the side effects or withdrawal is not pleasant. I did my best navigating this back in California but ran into reading posts about how private insurance flat out denies you when you have a pre-existing mental health issue. However, it also said public insurance would give you the run-around when trying to get this kind of medication (antidepressant) covered.  Things to note: A. I do not speak German yet but I am enrolling in classes January!  B. I have the means to pay out of pocket short term so I do not get off the medication but not long term. I also would like to get in the correct insurance system as soon as possible since this is a monthly need for me.  C. I am very open to talking about this so if you have additional questions, do not hesitate. What is most important is that I figure this out soon so I am not without medication at some point.    Many many thanks in advance to those that reply! You are helping a stranger in need Cheers, Becca 
  3. I’m a non European and I’m in Berlin with an artist visa, I need to change my visa to resident permit before it expires. I have some trouble finding the right insurances.   When I applied the visa I had a travel insurance. Now the foreigner office told me I need a proper one. Some people on the internet said Care Concept may be okay when you apply for the first time, I want to know if I count as first time or second time? I applied the visa in my home country and it is first time for the resident permit, but I’m not sure... HanseMerkur told me if I want to be insured with them I need to sign a contract for two years.    my ideal plan to be insured is with KSK and TK, and TK told me with KSK I only need to pay 90euros/month. The thing is my appointment with the foreigner office is at the beginning of January, and KSK may take months to be approved. So I need a private insurance before my appointment, and switch from private health insurance to public one later. I think Hanse Merkur’s contract is too long.    ALC said they meet all the German law, but they are an international health insurance company, not a German one, like CareConcept. But they are more expensive and my friend said she has ALC at the beginning and it’s all fine.   Please give me some advice? My appointment is approaching..  
  4. In August I was involved in an auto accident. Northing major, other driver was nice, but neither of us could honestly say who's fault it was because it was a weird situation. Therefor we called the police. On site the police said it was the fault of the other driver. Because of this, I never involved my insurance company.   Fast forward to the beginning of November and I receive a check, but only for 50% of the amount—which was not surprising. When I contact the insurance company of the other driver they said it was because the police could not determine who was at fault, and therefore would only pay half. I went to the police and talked to the same officer that wrote the report and she, after reviewing the report, said that the other driver was in fact at fault and it stated that in the report.   I know that I know that under § 49 OWiG I am able to request a copy of the police report. What I would like to do is get a copy and the challenge the decision of the insurance copy without involving a lawyer. However I have been told that the lawyer is better route to go.   My question: in many circumstances when a lawyer is needed, and the opposing side is found "guilty", the fees of the lawyer is paid by the opposing side. I would like to know if this is one of those cases, as I assume that our situation would never go to court.   Maybe the far reaching wisdom of @PandaMunich knows something?
  5. Hello everyone,   I am hoping to get some advice on an insurance issue that I am having.  I am currently registered as an au pair here in Germany with my contract ending at the end of the month.  I have been in Germany for a year (although I was in the US for the summer).  I am getting married on Friday and will be switching my status and extending my stay.  However, when I did my au pair contract, I had sent my family the cheap au pair insurance and all the info that  I had found to do the insurance for me.  It was dumb (and I am acknowledging my responsibility fully so that you don't have to call me out on it :)) but I never followed through and never even thought of it again. I also had travel insurance and American insurance so I never worried much more about it.  I still have my travel insurance but my American insurance has run out now. My au pair family just told me that they totally forgot to finish the process... So I have been uninsured this past year in Germany.  They have helped me out with so many things this year and are very near and dear to me, so I am not going to hold them responsible, even though it is in the contract.     When I get married, I could switch to my husband's TK insurance (for free it appears since I make under the threshold amount), but it appears that I would have to make some hefty back payments.  Are there any options for me?  Thank you so much for any advice you can give me.  I have read some of the other posts and I am feeling like there is not a real way out of this. I am American by the way, and I only work a bit online, as I have not been able to get another job on the au pair visa.    Thank you in advance!  
  6. Dear Members, I have a question regarding "Schwere Krankheit Vorsorge", dreadful diseases insurance. I want some suggestions from you guys, that whether this insurance makes sense for me or not. I have been looking into the options from Canada insurance. Here is a little about myself. 1) I am 28 years old and work in I.T. 2) I plan to stay in Germany for next 5 - 7 years. 3) I have been told that insurance has world wide coverage, but if you are outside Germany, you need to come back and get checked by a German doctor. Does anybody has experience with the same insurance ? Looking forward for your opinions. Thanks.  Hammad  
  7. Public healthcare in Germany is not as catch-all as one might hope. Find out why going private could benefit both your health and your bank account.    
  8. Health insurance policies are never one-size-fits-all and life circumstances have a habit of changing. The Local spoke to an expert from leading insurance broker ASN to help you get the best value bespoke insurance policy.Find out more via the article:
  9. Is there insurance cover available for the cost of airlifting to Germany from another EU country in case you need hospital treatment but are unable to fly in a regular plane? I´m not only talking about cases in which treatment isn´t possible in your country of residence but where you choose to rather be treated "at home".
  10. Agreement of compensation

    Hi,   I had a small situation in which I agreed to compensate someone directly, because the amount is too small to get insurance involved. Is there any template document I could use to declare that I´ve paid that amount for that reason?
  11. Independent Investment Consultant and Insurance broker for international clients in Germany. We offer a large portfolio of various investments in funds, shares and property and also guarantee a long-term management of the investments portfolios. Also we will help with an indepentent advice by questions around insurances, real estate financing, health insurance, car- & liability insurance and retirement planning.   Daniel Charles Bossenz Independent Investment Consultant & Insurance Broker   Alexanderstraße 3 10178 Berlin Germany   Email: Website: Telephone: 08002677369
  12. Hello,   Until recently I was making very modest annual income, so KSK was perfect for me. But everything changed this year and it looks like I'll make around 100k from freelancing. Is it worth paying to the KSK or are there better options for me? I remember years ago I read somewhere (might have been here) that KSK is a pretty good deal if you're making under 60k per year or something like that. I can't find that info now, though.
  13. Folks,    I am changing my legal insurance company from A to B as of 9.2.. There is a gap of 2 days in between.  So, who is responsible for the stuff which happened let's say 4 months back? Will company A still cover it?   Thanks a lot for your advice!
  14. I tried to compress the title as much as possible. So here's a better (still short) version of the story:   I have installed a bidet in my bathroom, by installing the provided extra branch (extension?) on the pipe below the sink. A few weeks ago I received a call that all my apartment was under water. Apparently the hose was loose and had popped out. Now there's moisture under the flooring, and recently mould in the walls, etc. So a company is coming for "drying", etc.   Question: does a Haftpflichtversicherung normally cover such a case? I guess mine is a good one, as I pay above 160 EUR per year. And if you think it depends on how I narrate the story, do you have suggestions (based on the detailed story below)?   Thanks in advance!   ---------------------- Detailed Story [read only if you feel like it] ------------------------ The bidet piping seems to be safe enough, as I had a similar one running for 3 years in another apartment with no problems. This one was also working OK for about 1 year. A couple of weeks before the incident I noticed water leakage as drops below the sink. Assuming it was due to my manual installation, I tried to uninstall and re-install it with extra security (tapes, etc.). It didn't help and over the next days it was leaking on and off. One day I got fed up and left the hose half-installed (without fastening a nut). I shut down the water and called the Hausmeister saying we had a problem and needed a plumber. One day later when I wasn't home he went and checked the connection and told me there's no leakage and all is fine. Now feeling assured, I kept using the half-installed connection for a few days and... the nightmare finally came true!   So, it has been my negligence. But also a manually installed extension is involved. So... What do you think?    
  15. We have been living with my wife for 3 years in Germany. Three months ago our child was born. Now, my wife and my daughter are insured as dependent members with public insurance (my wife was not working before having a child).    Given a good job opportunity, I will leave the country to go somewhere else to work, but we decided for my wife to stay with the kid in Germany, with relatives, for a few months (so that I can find a house and settle, before they join me).    I am wondering what happens with insurance for the kid and my wife. We received a letter a couple of weeks ago mentioning that the kid will be insured, but I am not sure what happens with my wife. Does anyone have any clue?
  16. Hi everyone, I have been working in Germany for 5 years and have a Niederlassungserlaubnis.  I am going to take up a full-time job in Austria for a limited number of years, but want to keep my German address and commute a little. This should allow me to keep my German Niederlassungserlaubnis.   My questions are: 1. Health insurance: I am currently privately insured in Germany. After I change my job, do I have to continue paying for my private insurance in Germany? Given that my full-time job in Austria will cover health insurance already. What is the most cost effective way? 2. Pensions: What happens to the pension contributions that I have paid while working in Germany? 3. Second employment: I am trying to arrange a second employment contract with my current employer in Germany, in addition to my full-time job in Austria. As far as I understand, this is fine under Austrian law as long as the second employment does not exceed 8 hours a week. In this case, will my German employment contract still cover half of my German health insurance and other social insurance premium? What else should I pay attention to about having a cross-border second employment contract?   Many thanks! 
  17. My husband works as a freelance illustrator / artist and last year for the first time in his career had a client request Public Indemnity and Liability insurance.  They covered the expense of this so via a broker agreed a policy with Hiscox running 18.09.18 - 17.09.19 We were, perhaps naively, under the impression that this policy was only for a year, as we had explained to the broker that it was a single project and not something he ever normally needs. Fast forward 10.5 months and we've just received a letter in the post congratulating him on his decision to renew and asking for information on changes to his business. Since this project in late 2018, my husband has unfortunately not had any commissions and has made zero money from his illustration, so is now looking for a full-time job. With that in mind we now have even more so no use for the coverage AND we cannot afford to pay 825€ for it.   I've scoured the AGBs and cant see any information about a Kündigungsfrist and have emailed Hiscox and our broker to explain the situation, but am terrified we will be forced to pay this amount.   Questions: Can we still cancel? What are our options if his business is making no turnover, but we haven't changed anything at the Finanzamt yet?   We don't have a SEPA-Lastschrift setup - what happens if we simply refuse to pay the new invoice? Will his coverage be automatically cancelled or are we going to be sued by Hiscox / face even more fines / even worse, be blacklisted for bad credit?   Any help anyone can give would be incredible - I'm devastated and paying this invoice will be a huge financial hit on an already terrible year...   Thanks so much!