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  1. Keeping a car in another country?

    We are considering sending one of our cars to Portugal, as we will not need 2 in Germany any more. Our plan is to make a TuV before time, ship it to Portugal, and keep it in German plates, with German insurance, for one year or two, and use it there for our holidays, as for example in 2022 we will have spent 3 months there. Later we would either sell it there or legalize it to Portuguese license plates.   Is there anything illegal about this? Or issues with insurance? It seems OK from my perspective, but of course, Germany is Germany!
  2. Hi there folks,   It was raining real hard in our city for two days. We have noticed that our cellar in the basement is drenched in rain water because one of the windows was half open in a shared area of the basement. We realized the window is damaged, and cannot be closed at all.   All our luggage bags are drenched in water and smell like sludge. The original packaging of our household content, like TV, air purifier, etc. is ruined which makes them hard to be resold in the future. An external display monitor which was stored in the cellar is also ruined.  I was wondering in such cases if there's some sort of building insurance that could compensate for the damage? Is this common? And if so, who could evaluate the damage caused? Thanks for your help.