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  1. Insurance for Denkmalschutz house

    Hi, I bought a house which has Denkmalschutz and was built approx 1890. I have tried to insure it but the websites I have tried are saying "Unfortunately, only non-listed houses built between 1900 and 2024 can be insured." Does anyone know which companies I might have more success with please?
  2. I bought a house in February this year. Provinzial, the insurance company of the previous owner, contacted me by letter shortly after I moved in, to which we replied saying we would not be taking over whatever policy was on the house. Unfortunately this was not sent by registered email and Provinzial says they have no record of it.   Upon moving in, we signed up for a new policy with another insurance company and life went on.   Until a month ago when Provinzial called us (not sure how they got our phone number) to tell us that we owe them money. They claim they never received our letter and that they have been sending us multiple letters since (upon further enquiry during a face to face meeting, they admitted they sent these letters to the previous owner and not to us).   Apparently since then, and without letting me know, they have renewed a policy for another year. They also cannot tell me what exactly they renewed because the previous owner had a full insurance package (house, car, life, etc.) so that is not directly applicable to me.   Has anyone had this kind of experience when buying a property in Germany? And what my rights might be in this situation? I unfortunately don’t have a legal insurance and while I understand it may not be worth fighting for a relatively small sum, I don't like their their lies (claiming they sent me multiple letters after the first one but later admitting they sent them to the previous owner). 
  3. Hello, I am looking for an english speaking insurance broker who can help me figure out the best legal insurance to buy in Germany. Please send me a pm
  4. Hi All,   I am currently a Beihilfeberechtigte Ehefrau that is planning to return to work. Rather than working in Germany, it is possible for me work remotely and make more money overseas while living here. My partner is a beamte, so we have no plans to move.   I am assuming that once I start working that I will no longer be eligible for Beihilfe.  What are my health insurance options at this point? I know can I switch to private insurance (expensive). Is it possible to purchase overseas health insurance or switch into the German public system? When I first came here, I first had an overseas health insurance to bridge me over until I was able to get into Beihilfe and private insurance.   Many thanks!
  5. Hi everyone,   I was wondering: if you immigrate to another country and need to get a new local car insurance, are the insurers taking into account your previous insurer's data such as the duration of insurance without accidents, in order to get a cheaper contract ? Or you need to start the contract as a new driver ?   Thank you,