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  1. My wife is coming to Germany and needs health insurance to travel. Is it possible to enroll as a co-dependent with me in public insurance like TK before even arriving in Germany? This will avoid requiring a temporary private insurance for her.
  2. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    How do deal with my Immobilien Verwalter?    A few years ago one of the electric sockets stopped working in one of my apartments. Eventually I got an electrician in, who discovered the wire going to the socket had been pierced by drilling from outside.   Basically 2 or 3 years ago there were renovations with a scaffolding bolted on for a few months. One of the scaffolding mounting bolts pierced and electric wire in my apartment causing a socket to not work for a few years. I eventually got an electrician in and he wrote a declaration that the problem was caused by a bolt driven in from the outside. This went to insurance 4 months ago, they said the contractor should pay. As you can see below the contractor refuses to pay.   1: How many companies have bored walls outside my apartment in the last 5 years 2: Isn't up to the insurance in such a case to deal with the subcontractor? 3: Isn't the management company supposed to work for me solving these problems, rather than giving a shitty response like below?   I've realised I barely know the company administering my other apartment because they solve everything for me. I'm always resending shit, asking about progress, demanding results with with this company.   You notice the scaffolding company states that they have no pictures. I forwarded 20 photos and a report from the electrician to the verwalter. They probably didn't bother forwarding it to the scaffold company   What do I want from here?  Is my view of the world above correct. Somebody is responsible for this, either contractor, or insurance and my Verwalter should have sorted it out.    
  3. Young Drivers and Car Insurance

    Maybe there is a "tip"/"trick"/"workaround" here that we are missing.   We own one car, currently worth around €7000, and pay around €500 in insurance for 2020.   Our 18 year old son just passed his test few weeks ago and wishes to be able to drive our car.  Our existing insurer (DEVK) says to add him to our policy will more than double the price for the remaining 5 months of 2020, i.e. another €500. He won't drive the car much, more wants the opportunity for some practise to gain experience.   Any other options here?  Since we are mid-year we cannot change insurer until end 2020.  Of course I know that young drivers are more expensive to insure but it's not as if he'd be the primary driver.
  4. Hi Guys! I just received a notification that my travel insurance back in my country (for staying in Germany for 7 months), doesn't cover pandemies (covid19). Does someone know if the German government is covering covid19 for everybody under some special condition? (a link would be great). I still have 1 month here, and no covid19 symptoms. Thank you,
  5. You’re always on time, you think of Angela Merkel as ‘Mutti’ and you’ve even found yourself craving currywurst (well, some of you). You think you’ve assimilated in Germany. But many expats have failed miserably with a vital ingredient for true integration: private liability insurance. (Haftpflichtversicherung). While not compulsory, it’s widely seen as essential protection against the risk of harming another person or their belongings; almost nine in ten Germans have it.    In partnership with Coya Insurance, The Local presents five pathetic excuses (we were being kind when we said ‘reasons’ in the headline) that explain why so many expats in Germany don’t have private liability insurance. Read the 5 reasons in FULL ARTICLE here.
  6. Dear,   I immigrated to Germany in 2018 and took Deurag Legal insurance with the help of a advertised broker here without any hesistation.  Due to some circumstance, I had to use legal insurance twice as plantiff for different matter. 1) I won and defendant paid 100% and 2) defendent paid 90% settelement out of court   After this, deurag sent cancellation letter that it will not renew subscription for next year (probably its typical) therefore I started looking for new legal insurance. I understand that getting new legal insurance with above history could be difficult and I am aware of waiting for 3-6 months cooling period.   I am seeking advice from expert or those who were in similar situation (Cancellation from previous insurer) and opted/accepted by different insurer and who are they?    Thanks and stay safe!
  7. Hi all the expats, hope all of you are well - I would highly appreciate any kinds of advice regarding to my insurance situation.   I posted once on the forum on the visa section - - I am now trying to start working as the freelancer, after staying in Germany for few years with the spouse visa and working permit which was entitled by my freelance partner.   So am about to register my business, but one problem is the insurance. I have been covered with my partner's statutory insurance (TK) as a family member, by free. As I am going to earn higher salary than limited mini-job amounts which is allowed to the family insuranced member, am afraid that I will be simply kicked out from the coverage immediately.  (Unfortunately, I have no plan to have a client from Germany for my freelance works, at the moment - but trying best to get it. )   To make the situation worse, we have a plan to divorce in near future, possibly in a year.    So what would be my next, clever move considering this insurance situation? Looking for reasonable private insurance?  (|For me this option sounds the most unrealistic, as I estimate that with my freelance works I would be able to earn just ca. 1500 euro per a month) Or in any chance am I eligible to be covered by statutory insurance with the change of cost, before/after the divorce?    For your information, we have daughter who are also covered with his family insurance.    Thank you so much in the advance : )  
  8. When browsing through legal insurance options (Rechtsschutzversicherung), I noticed that some companies offer "Vertrag-Check", primarily on work and rental contracts. But it's unclear to me how useful it would actually be. I mean, if I have doubts over a contract, I should always be able to consult a lawyer over it anyways, right?   The scope of the "check" is also not clear. Here is a description from one provider:   "Geprüft wird, ob der Vertrag für Sie als Verbraucher rechtlich unwirksame Vertragsklauseln enthält."   If a clause that disadvantages me is really legally invalid, it seems that this would be more relevant when a conflict actually arises and I consult a lawyer at that time, than when I first sign the contract.   (Though maybe it could be the other way round, i.e. there is some clause that benefits me, but when conflict arises it turns out to be invalid. I wonder how practical such a case would be though. I don't feel like this is what the above sentence is referring to.)   Feels to me this "Vertrag-Check" could be more of a gimmick and I shouldn't take it into consideration too much when I choose a legal insurance. Maybe I'm wrong though.   I wonder if somebody has used such a service from a legal insurance and had some experience. Or in general had some experience about using a legal insurance when signing new employment/rental contracts etc.
  9. Hi!   It is my first time being freelancer and needing to pay health insurance.    I am with AOK, at the end of the year they will calculate my income and would want me to pay some amount.    They told me if I earn under 900 euros, I will need to pay 350. If I go over 900 euros per month, I will need to pay more.   My question is, since I am a freelancer I have expenses, such as equipments, courses, travel costs etc. Will the amount for the health insurance calculated after my expenses?   For example, if I make 12.000 this year, I will need to pay 450 per month. But if I subtract my expenses, the amount goes down to 8.000 Euros. Which means 350 Euro health insurance per month. The difference is a lot and I want to be prepared at the end of the year to have no suprises=)   Anyone have any info? I would really appriciate it!
  10. Hello everyone,   I have looked through the forums and couldn't find a good answer to this. I've seen various posts about how Rechtsschutzversicherung is important and worth it, but mostly from what I've understood it covers the following main points: damage to others where we could get sued, tenant issues, and work-related issues... Most of which seems to overlap a bit with our current coverage.   For damage to others, we are covered by a ton of things already by our private liability insurance (or do I misunderstand the difference?). Also, I don't drive a car (although my husband does, but rarely - and we have car insurance).   For tenant issues, we have our local Mieterverein.   That leaves work issues, which I suppose is the main area that we're not covered... I'm not too worried about that, but it may be naive.   As a member of the private liability insurance and also Mieterverein, is there still a need for the Rechtsschutzversicherung?    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.