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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you are well and healthy.  Long story short, at the beginning of November both my husband and I got employed under my own company here in Germany.  My insurance was finalised after a month of going back and forth.  My husband has a mini job and he must be insured on my family insurance.  We applied since going back and forth with so many papers.    Well bottom line, he's still not in the system and we're still waiting on them. However, my husband needs to go to the doctor and do some tests.  Is there a way I can recover the money from the health insurance given that by law they should have covered since the beginning of his employment?  I keep calling and emailing them but they are slow and sometimes they don't call back. I'm at a loss here.   Thank you for your time. Oh, health insurance is AOK Plus. Thanks.
  2. Hey folks,  This time, the clumsy butterfinger me has spilled a significant amount of coffee on my work laptop! The laptop is my employer's and I was in homeoffice when this happened. I was wondering if the repair cost is something I could cover with my personal liability insurance policy (Haftpflichtversicherung)?  Cheers.
  3. Hi Toytowners!   I have been following the forum for a month and got many helpful ideas about daily of Germany. Thanks for all these advices and helps.   Me and my wife are living out side of EU (Turkey). We're not EU citizen.  I got a postdoc stipend (it's tax free, so I have to pay my insurance) and we have been preparing ourselves for moving to Berlin since last month.  Last week we got a great news! We are going to have a baby. Now we have to check our moving plans again. The host insitute adviced to me a simple private insurance plan, but from what I've read on Toytown, I realized that it does not really cover much. So I'm still looking for a health insurance which would cover an existing pregnancy. I have two urgent questions, and would be very happy if you give any advice.   1) After explain my concerns about private insurance, the officer of host institute offered me another option to getting an insurance from public insurer TK which is 10 times more expensive (around 500 eu)  than private one.  If I accept to pay this amount, would it  cover an existing pregnancy?   2) I have also read that even if Turkey is not an Eu member, there is a special agreement between Turkey and Germany, which is if you are insured in Turkey you may apply for its transfer. Does it work as much as the service that a public insurance gives?   Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello,   I am seeking legal advice dealing with my ex insurance company - TK. After several years living in Munich in August.2019 I moved back to my home country (Bulgaria, EU). Few months ago I received a letter from TK that I have unpaid health services and yesterday I received a second letter with even more charges on it. The charges are as follow:     I have an official document from TK that I have been fully insured until 30.07.2019:      What I don't understand is the reason for being charged for 24.07.2019 when I was fully insured until 30.07.2019? And the second question is why they are charging me for Hilfsmittel der Medizintechnik that I have not received because I was not in Germany but in another country? The last charge of 154 EUR on 01.03.2020 (Sunday) is a bill from a Doctor that I've never heard especially that on this date I was already away from Germany.   I have cancelled my contract with TK with an official letter and a copy of the KVR abmeldung.   I will be thankful for any advice on how to handle this situation.   Many thanks.
  5. Hi there. My membership in KSK has ended and I'd like to know some recommendation like which insurance companies are affordable,how I should pay pension etc.   I'd been a member of KSK since the early years of my stay in Germany and I don't know how they are without KSK.   My current main income is still from freelance jobs but not always artistic. My health condition is good and I don't need very good health insurance.   Any advice is very appreciated.  
  6. Health insurance question

    Hello. I have a question that might be a bit tricky to answer.   I am a UK citizen who is going to Germany in about a month's time to look after a friend's house for the winter.   Right now, I have started writing a book for an English publishing house, so will do that will I am there. I am living off savings and only get a bit of an advance from the publisher.   My main concern is health insurance. I am not sure what is best for me as I will obviously be registered in Germany, but do not really plan to be longer than, say, six months.   Is it best to get "travel insurance" while I am in the UK or something while I am in Germany? I think that, if the latter, they might find it hard to pigeonhole me...   Any advice, knowledge or ideas would be welcome. Thanks in advance.  
  7. My wife was reversed into on the car park of our daughter's Kindergarten by one of the employees, the cause of the crash and fault is NOT in dispute. We took the car (a ford fiesta) to ford and got a quote for the damage repair, they gave us a quote and took photos, etc and we paid 70 some odd euros for it which we would get taken off the total when we get the work done.    We passed this on to the insurance company who disputed the cost and told us to use another firm and issued a check for a lesser amount less the VAT, which we are apparently supposed to claim back ourselves in our tax at the end of the year.   This would mean we lose the 70 odd euros and won't get the bumper replaced with new parts but repaired and resprayed.   The insurance company I'm dealing with is VHV (that is the insurance company of the other person)   I have a few questions here.   1.  Is there a duty on our part to take the vehicle to a specialist repair shop and not to an authorised dealer (who offer insurance repairs)?   2. Is it normal that they pay out the repair cost less the VAT?  I have never heard of anything like this before.   3. Can they insist that we have the work done with a specific company?   4. Can they insist that we opt for a body repair and not replace with original parts? note - The rear bumper is cracked and I don't want a plastic weld and repaint, I've managed garages for years and I know that these very often give after a few years and you can see where the repair was done, I feel that we should be entitled to have the bumper replaced with original parts.   I would be VERY grateful of any help or advice.   D