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  1. Good day,   I'm in Germany as an MSc student and my wife and two boys joined me through a "Familiy Reunion Visa" (Familiennachzug). I have a private insurance through a scholarship sponsor for all of us. That scholarship and its insurance are ending soon and the costs to continue with them are of around 500 EUR that we are unable to handle at the moment.   I went to AOK to ask about Freiwillige versicherung, but they told me that it is not an option as I'm over 30 and I'm under a Student Resident Permit.   What I can't understand is if my wife can apply to AOK or TK and through them get insurance for the whole family. As my wife's Resident Permit is unlimited (no student restrictions to work or income), she is looking for a job as registered by the Arbeitsamt, and considering that she is now in a private insurance contract that is ending soon.   I'd appreciate any comment if this is possible. If not, are our only options the insurance for students like Vela or Mawista?   Cheers,
  2. Sign fell on my car

    There are some roadworks on the street outside our house. I parked near a barrier and sign. The wind just blew it over onto the car and there's a couple of 2-3 inch scratches on the bonnet.   Can I claim for this from the city?
  3. Does anyone here have any recent experience with Hallesche—in particular, any experience getting hold of customer service?   A year or two ago we signed up online for their dental insurance (Zahnzusatzversicherung) on the strength of recommendations here and on other websites.  Apart from sending in reimbursement forms for teeth cleaning, we've never had any reason to contact them until now.  Basically, we're moving abroad and so need to discuss the possibility of keeping our policies, which we would generally prefer to do so that we can keep the coverage level we've accumulated.  (According to the fine print it is possible to keep the policies after moving abroad, but only at a different tariff, so we need to know what this tariff is, and to cancel the policies in case it is too high.)   The problem is that Hallesche aren't responding to our queries.  They never answer the phone and haven't responded to two queries using their online contact form we've sent in the past month.  I guess the next step is a registered letter.   I did some Googling and turned up a review site where people are posting similar complaints.  Almost all of the recent reviews say that, while the company had been very good in the past, recently they have become almost completely uncommunicative, even to letters sent Einschreiben/Rückschein.  Even requests for reimbursement or certificates of coverage are taking months to process.   Does anyone here know what's up with Hallesche, or have any recent success in getting them to respond to queries?
  4. Hello folks,   In the context of a study about car insurance innovations , we are looking for current and former users of Telematik-Tarif (also known as Usage-Based Insurance UBI, pay as you drive, or data-driven car insurance) in Germany or Austria to talk about their experience with car insurance in an interview via Skype.   Telematik-Tarif or Usage-Based Insurance is a car insurance model in which the insurance premium calculation is based on the driving behaviour, if you have a good driving style you will pay less!   Participation details - The interview is anonymous, conducted in English and recorded (only audio) for further transcription - The interview is going to take between 20 and 40 minutes - The interviews will be conducted from 2 March to 1 April 2019   To know more about this study and to evaluate your eligibility for this user study, please click the following link:   Feel free to forward this call for participants to other people. Please let me know if you have any questions. We will be in touch soon!!!
  5. I'm a recently arrived 31 year old American who will start a 2-year masters degree in Munich in October (I have prior insurance coverage through the end of September). I have a question about insurance starting in October. I've researched this a bit, but many of the posts I've found are old or fragmented so I could really use an external validation of my understanding or a correction if I'm wrong. I'd also love any additional thoughts anyone has.   As I understand it, my having arrived in Germany over age 30 means I'm not eligible for the public insurance and must buy insurance through the private market. Either that or I've been told that I might still be able to apply to the public insurance but for staying as little as a few years at my age I'd be better off with private. I'm not sure which of those is true but either leads me to think private insurance is what I need.   I've struggled a bit to find options for private insurance though. First, the Studentwerk site for Munich links to as the option they have negotiated for those like me. That has two levels of insurance, but the coverage seems rather poor, particularly at the basic level (even checkups and immunizations aren't included). It has limited non-German coverage meaning travel (e.g. trips home) could require additional insurance.   The forum at pointed me to an alternative option ( which seems better (e.g. one version of it includes foreign travel for up to 6wk/yr), but has some other strange holes in coverage. Not knowing what's typical for the German market though I'm unsure which coverage level is common or low or high.   At this point I'd normally find a third or fourth option and do a simple cost/benefit analysis, but all the other options I find seem to be public options, which I am presumably not eligible for, or their sites are all in German (mine isn't good enough to read detailed health insurance information yet) and plans seem to be focused on working people (are those plans applicable for my situation? If not, what plan type is?). Is there a marketplace somewhere that could help me sort through this? Are there other plans anyone can recommend? Thoughts on things I should make sure are covered or can ignore missing coverage for? (e.g. dental and vision? Typically included or paid separately here as in the US?) Also, I read something about needing to verify German eligibility for any plan I pick; details on that?   I'd very much like to do my due diligence here before making a choice but my research so far has left me without a final answer or a clear path for further research and with lots of conflicting information; any help anyone has on how best to do so is much appreciated!     Followup Note: After writing this, another resource I'd contacted responded validating my ineligibility for public plans and suggesting instead. Adding it to the discussion here in case anyone has experience with any of the three options I have found so far.
  6. Hi all,   I know there are many post about KSK and artist visa but I don't seem to find the answer for my case.   So I was granted artist visa about 7 months ago but I have been away for art related job on and off and I just start my application process with KSK recently.   My visa extension is approching and it is likely that I will not be able to get into KSK on time for my visa extension. Can i ask if anyone has successfully extend their artist visa while still waiting for KSK? Can I bring email exchange document with KSK so that the ABH knows that it is not like I will not get into KSK?   Or perhaps the ABH would give me fiktionbescheinigung until I get in to KSK?   Am I going to be kicked out of German soil?
  7. Hello Everyone!   I am a Student enrolled in a Master degree program in Berlin, my enrollment was super complicated due to the fact that i was abroad (not in germany) and as you may know, the enrollment procedure (Einschreibung) is very time-limited, so in order to complete it, i needed a proof of registration in a public health insurance (Krankenversicherungsnachweis) to send (in time) to the correspondent university. Firstly i applied at DAK, and as they took so much time (asking for an Immatrikulationsbescheinigung which you'll only get once you're enrolled! ) i switched sides to raise my chances of getting a proof in time and contacted TK, they served me well and sent the paper by email in just two days which helped me enroll just in time, but then again, i forgot about the DAK completely thinking that in order for the contract to be completed, my university needed to send them a confirmation paper called (Meldung der Hochschule an die AOK), plus me having to send them the Enrollment proof (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) which they asked for, so they can verify that i am actually an enrolled Student but apparently all they cared about is finalizing the contract and taking my money. Today i just realized that AOK has debited me 94.24€ and will probably keep doing every single month if i don't do something about it! I am asking if this situation can be solved by informing AOK that i am already insured by TK or am i gonna be stuck with two insurers for the rest of my studies! ps:  i haven't even began my studies anyway but i am enrolled for this semester + still abroad.   Any advice at this point is very much appreciated! Danke im Voraus!
  8. I'm trying to choose a company for the liability insurance and I noticed they are numerous offers from different companies (or even the same company) with various coverage limits and additional services. I'm almost confident about the coverage options I like to have, but I'm less certain about the limits to choose for them. Let's say that I do not know how much the damage cost could be in each of these cases:    - Main coverage amount: 10 million, 20, 50? - Key lost rent/office: 10K, 10/20/50 million? - Dame caused by an under 7 child: 100/200 K, 10/20/50 million?  - Lease damage (for Tenant): 10/20/50 million?   I know that the more the merrier! but I want to be realistic about the possible costs.  For example, my keys can open the doors of 25 other rooms on the floor related to 30 people approximately. Or my keys for my apartment's main entrance door is shared for 2 other locks in the building in which there are totally 8 apartments. 
  9. Hi guys,   I haven't found a situation similar to mine so I started a new thread. I have been with TKK since I started working in Germany summer 2016. I have also stopped working and became a student for a few months then started working again and now I'm thinking of going freelance, which will cost me around 400 euros for my insurance plan. I have been looking into Ottonova and they have an expat insurance plan for freelancers that will cost me 150 euros since I'm still in my 20s and healthy. I'm wondering now, is it possible for me to switch to Ottonova if I'm going freelance?   I have read in here that I have to be insured for 18 months if I want to cancel my insurance, which I have been all in all but with breaks and switch of jobs, so I'm not sure if it counts all in all and also wondering if me going freelance is a good enough reason for TKK for letting me go and switch to a private insurer.   Thank you!
  10. Liable for breaking a friends glasses?

    Hey all,  Question about liability in Germany, I am new to this system and need some clarity. I do not have the personal liability insurance btw. I was at a friends house and accidentally stepped on her glasses,which broke,  and afterwards she asked me to use my personal liability insurance to cover the cost of the glasses... which again I do not have.  What are my options here? Can she somehow force me to pay for the glasses (~200 euro)?   A German friend of mine researched it and said that it was actually her fault for leaving the glasses on the floor... is that true? I don't want to get police involved or anything... I am a bit lost.    
  11. Hi everyone,   I have been scouring Google and the forum but have been unable to find any helpful information.   My insurance broker sent me a quote for Private Health Insurance which claims a "tax saving of 44%" on the monthly payment.   Can anyone please explain how this works; does the tax saving have an immediate impact on the monthly payment or is it something which only applies when you file a tax return, and does the same apply to public health insurance (such as TK)?   Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everyone,  I've seen a few discussions in the forum regarding Home contents insurance in Germany and wanted to share more info on the product my company offers, as I think it might be relevant. Full disclosure - I work for that company, therefore I am posting this in the Classifieds. We are a BaFin-licensed direct insurer, based in Berlin, which offers Home and contents insurance (Hausratversicherung). Our T&Cs and our support are in English, and you can cancel anytime. Our coverage currently is mostly aimed at first-time movers, but at the end of the month we will be launching also products with more coverage, so stay tuned.  Happy to answer any questions, or receive any feedback. Link to Coya's Home contents insurance  
  13. My girlfriend lives in Athens. She is planning to move here in Berlin and work as kleine Gewerbetreibende (she already has an honorar-basis Arbeitsvertrag as a Masseurin at a massage center, which she plans to sign later this month).   The problem is she has been uninsured in Greece for quite a long time, 4 years to be exact (shocking, but that is not illegal in Greece). Her last insurance was from 4 years ago when she was a student. She is also diabetic and has been covering  medical expenses with personal/family expenses.   I have called TK multiple times (only tried TK so far). The Beitraege for freiwillig Gewerbetreibende are 180 Euro/month, which sounds good.   However according to TK she would have to retro-actively pay insurance for 4 years, i.e. at least 180x12x=2160 euros per year uninsured.   From the little I know, the E.U. social security systems are interconnected so this does not sound completely unreasonable to me. In fact I was afraid of this, or of being completely refused to be insured in GKV.   So is this retro-active payment for being uninsured in E.U. country of origin reasonable or is it not?   Is a complete refusal also possible here?   The reason I am a bit confused is that another TK representative did not mention this to me when I called a month ago with the same question. I mentioned she is uninsured in the E.U. country of origin and they just quoted the Monatliche Beitraege, with no mention of the uninsured period. So my next question is whether this retro-active payent is really enforced? Does TK  and all GKV really require "beruecksictigte Bezahlunge" in case of not being insured in the country of origin?   Also is the S1 document from the E.U. healthcare country of origin always required when moving here, even in the case of being currently uninsured? E.g. the last valid E.U. healtchcare asuweis/besceinigung would be needed anyway?   Would other GKV besides TK enforce different policies?   Is private health care a viable alternative here in order to avoid these GKV expenses due to past uninsured status? I think in theory private insurance is possible, as she would be freiwillig versicherte KleinGewerbetreibende. Would the health condition (diabetes) pose a problem for getting a private health care provider? Any suggestions for PKV?   Many questions, any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!  
  14. Does Privathaftpflichtversicherung typically cover all claims that arise from incidents during the period of the insurance contract, even after the contract ends?  Or does all coverage cease retroactively once the contract is cancelled?   To give an example, say I take out Privathaftpflichtversicherung.  Some years later I move away from Germany and so cancel the insurance contract.  After the contract is already cancelled, someone in Germany (say, a former landlord) brings a claim against me for damages that occurred while I was living in Germany and while the insurance contract was still active.  Would the insurance company handle this claim?  Or would they take the view that since the contract is no longer in force, they no longer need to cover the damages?   If the latter interpretation is correct, is there a rule of thumb for how long one should continue paying Privathaftpflichtversicherung after moving away?  That is, is there some sort of statute of limitations on how late a landlord (or anyone else, for that matter) can file a claim for damages?
  15. AOK high premium need advice

    Hey guys, A bit of background info. I left my full-time job back in may to become a freelancer. Everything is going fine except for health insurance.    I stayed with AOK with the intention of signing up for the KSK (artists fund). I initialized the signup to KSK but its taking months and have been told it's usually the case they're insanely slow.    In the meantime AOK has sorted me into the highest premium contribution bracket. So im paying 787 eurs per month for health care. That's because I started my freelance work earning a high salary for a few months, but now I'm earning no monthly income, but still have huge premiums. They refuse to reduce them and calculate it based on the amount earned since I started freelancing divided by the number of months since then. Of course that means the amount i will pay in contributions will be much much higher than the actual percentage im supposed to pay.   It's a precarious situation and I'm only juat getting my head around how the German system works. Ive been assured by AOK that i will get the money back at the end of the year once i give them my tax statement. But im not sure i trust that 😂 the system seems crazy and this isn't pocket money im playing with. It's literally thousands of eurs so i need to be sure.    Anyways i thought id double check if this is accurate information with people on here?       
  16. Hi all,   I hope someone can help me with these questions.   I am an Eu citizen and my partner is from outside the EU. i have a fixed salary job and insured under TK and so is my family including children and husband. My husband up until recently had a mini job and was paid 400 a month and therefore has been covered by my health insurance. However is employment status changed when he came into small business based overseas and now receives  a small salary of 400 euros still a month and he no longer has the mini job.   so as self employed person but only earning a fixed salary of 400 per month does he still qualify to go under my insurance?   Also as the business is outside of Germany what does he need to do to declare his income with the finanzamt, especially as the income is still small?   any help would be really appreciated!!!  
  17.   Hello, I know a similar form of this question has been asked and answered multiples times,  but I was unable to locate one that matched the situation that we are in,   so anybody that can help at all , it is GREATLY appreciated! I moved to Germany a little over 6 years ago.  My wife is German and we were married in  Germany and I earned my temporary residence card soon after we were married   ( I just received my permanent residence card about 6 months ago) I've been working remotely for an American company ever since I moved to Germany.   It was not until a work question came up about renewing my insurance in the U.S. that we entered this crazy mess of German Insurance, German taxes,  health/life insurance!     Years ago, when I first moved here, I had spoken with my health insurance and they said they would cover if anything happend ": out of network"  ( another country), so I felt pretty comfortable there.   My wife also spok with a tax person in Frankfurt and they actually told us " just don't tell them you are working remotely for a US company".  He made it sound like we were not doing anything wrong and that there is just no need to let them know I'm working remotely.       In my mind, this did kinda make sense;  I assumed that since I would still be paying my American taxes that I'm still paying a government taxes and I'm not cheating anybody.   On top of that, I spend all of the money that I make from the U.S. IN Germany,  so why would they want to tax me more?  I'm not using their health insurance or social security ,  so why would they not be content with me spending  the majority of my money in their country , where products are always taxed?   Since I moved to Germany of my own free will and it was not a situation where my company sent me here,  I've been told that I will have to cover the 15% for insurance, and the other items I will need, on my own.   I do not make a lot of money for the company I work remotely for ($44,000), so this will be a lot to take on.   If it was just the insurance itself we can manage it, but the other items ( taxes,social security and life inurance)  will be a lot to take on.  I get $100 extra a month if I waive my company's insurance,  and then I guess I do not have to pay American taxes anymore, since I will be paying them in Germany, right? I guess I wonder if this was well thought about by the German government or not ( and other Governments that approach it this way).   Shouldn't they be happy that we are spending our money earned from another country in their country?   We want to do this the right way,  but we are pretty stressed about how much this is going to end up costing us. We have two small children, so any extra money we do have has to go for raising our children here.    What if all of this ends up costing us too much and we decide that I will quit my remote job,  won't I then HAVE to be insured by wife's company, since we are married?    Won't this then end up costing them more in the long run and that they should be pretty stoked that I spend my earned money on products in their country?  Shouldnt they have thought this out a little bit better and realized that if they cover half of what my company is not going to cover, that it would benefit them more then if I decide to quit my job and get insurance for free until/when I get a job in Germany? If anybody has had a similar case to ours and could give us some pointers on how they addressed these issues we would very much appreciate it!! Thank you!