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  1. Hi    My insurance company had issued to freeze my account due to a miscalculation/error on THEIR part, which they have admitted and have subsequently issued and posted a letter to my bank to reverse the freeze order on Jan 4th 2022.   it's been 2 weeks and my account is still frozen. I have taken the following steps on my end to help resolve the issue:  -  I have requested my insurance company to send me a copy of the letter that they sent to the bank (I have a copy of this) - I've taken this copy of the letter to the bank and had them scan it and send it to their Pfändungs department  - I've tried asking my insurance company to fax the letter (my bank accepts fax as an official means of communication) to speed up the process - interestingly they have refused do to security reasons (fax isn't encrypted)   I have been unable to pay my bills since 25th November 2021 and now it's getting really frustrating, especially since it wasn't my fault.    1. My first question is - How long does this process usually take after the insurance company sends the order to unfreeze my account? Should I wait longer? I've read up it can be up to 2-3 weeks and also 2-3 days - that's a pretty wide range.    2. My second question is, what can I do to speed up the process without taking legal action?    Please advise             
  2. Hi. I was wondering if your public health insurance provider is ok with you going to one doctor about an issue... but then going to another, because you are not happy and want a second opinion?   Would they pay for that without any problem?   [I cannot help thinking, what if you were a bit crazy and insisted on going to see every doctor in town?]
  3. I just got a letter from TK that for my 'Krankenversicherung' I am now 'Freiwillige Versichert'. They say it is because your employer has determined that your salary exceeds the insurance limit. Can anyone here tell me what are the differences between voluntary and compulsory health insurance? Is it good or bad? Does voluntary mean that I can cancel it altogether now? P.S. I googled about this topic but could not find some explicit explanation. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, I am a Pakistani national married to a German national. I have a German Permanent residence (Niederlassungserlaubnis) and am due to apply for a German nationality next year. I am recently offered a job as a Software Engineer in a big multi-national firm in London. My wife is still a student in University in Cologne. Now we will keep our primary residence (hauptwohnsitz)  here in Germany and whereas I will have a small apartment in London as well. I will be living in London for 5 days a week and visiting back my home in Germany over the weekend. Additionally my wifef will also be visiting me in London frequently (mostly during the working days). I know that I will be paying taxes in UK and will be insured by NHS, but will my wife also be covered by NHS? If yes, will she be able to see the doctor here in Germany? I called my current health insurance company (TK) and they said that an NHS covered person can visit a GP here in Germany as well.   Looking forward for your advices.   Kind regards, Obaid
  5. The Krankenkasse have collectively decided to remove financial support for the immunoglobulin therapy offered to thousands of cancer survivors, which enables them to live normal lives while in remission. This in the middle of a pandemic.   There will be an appeal, but it can take 5 - 6 years, in the meantime thousands will be immunocompromised and vulnerable.   I want to protest about this, but where to start? Who governs the Krankenkasse? There's an election coming up, where can I add this issue to the debate (I've found nothing in the News, yet) ? In the absence of cancer charities like Macmillan, what support groups exist for survivors?   Any advice welcome.
  6. Hi everyone,  I’m a little confused/curious about how prescribed medicine is covered by public insurance (AOK in my case).  In March, I was diagnosed with gastritis and was prescribed pantoprazole by Doctor A. The prescription note had my name, DOB and insurance number. I went to the pharmacy and did not have to pay anything (to my surprise). I had one prescription refill a month later and also did not have to pay anything. It seems that they took the payment directly from AOK.  Last week I went to a different Doctor B (closer to my home). I was prescribed something called Maalox and paid 15€ at a different pharmacy (no automatic deduction like the other time). The prescription note had my name, DOB, address but no insurance number.    I wonder why there was a difference between the two prescriptions. Was it because my insurance number was not on Doctor B’s prescription note? I also read that the patient should pay 10% of the prescription cost (min 5€), why didn’t they ask for any payment from me for the pantoprazole?   Thanks a lot in advance 
  7. Dear TTers,   I've been taking a closer look at my insurances in recent days to check if I have sufficient coverage. I live with my spouse in Germany. We're both employed - one in IT and the other in Quality Assurance (Pharma).   One of the add-on components available for Beruf Rechtsschutz (Legal Insurance for Work) is ''Straf-Rechtsschutz'. What I understood from reading a bit on the internet is that this helps if criminal charges are brought against you in a professional capacity e.g. fraud, insult, trespassing. It seems to be oriented towards public/govt. officials or those with extensive customer dealings (accountants, doctors, retail employees).   Would it make sense for someone with a more 'internal' job profile (e.g IT etc) to have this coverage? Is it common for employed people to have this?   Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.        
  8. I lost a tooth from the front of my mouth, after a bad fall. It is an incisor & I guess it is a "necessary" tooth. I would like to know whether replacing this tooth would be covered by my public health insurance.   Another of my teeth was also hurt & I had some basic treatment to rescue it after being referred by the Notartz. I  was told that I would need follow up treatments on this to save the tooth Is this something which might be covered?