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  1. I bought a liability insurance on the 20th of December because some good people here advised me to do so, after a question about an issue with laminates of my rented flat.    l will handover the keys to the landlord next week, so today I went looking for them because I had more than one for almost each door (I was living with my ex, but then we parted away and all the keys became in my possession). I found that I'm missing the 2nd key for the building. And I read scary stories here about having to change the lock of the building and provide all the inhabitants of that building with the new keys, and all that cost is beared by the tenant.   I was wondering whether I'm covered by the insurance in this situation? I'm not sure when I lost them, but I know I only discovered that one key is missing tonight. And how does it work exactly... do I get like an invoice from the landlord and then I forward it to them, or I should signal the problem to them tomorrow morning?   PS. The liability insurance cover for such a loss, but I'm only not sure about the timing.