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  1. Hello, I am a UK citizen resident in Germany. My mother passed away recently and as the sole beneficiary of her estate, I stand to inherit around 300k GBP  and a house worth 330k GBP. So approx 630k. For my situation, my tax free allowance in the UK is 1m GBP. Therefore I do not need to pay any inheritance tax.   It just occured to me however I may need to pay inheritance tax in Germany. I found the below link and it would be 15% on everything above 400k €.   I also found some threads on here, but considering Brexit, I'm not sure how valid the information is.   So I am hoping to get some advice on what I need to do with regards to calculating and paying the correct taxes in Germany.   The house was purchased in 1974, so I assume it will not be subject to capital gains tax when I sell it.   Cheers
  2. I would kindly like to know the taxation law, in Germany (eg. in NRW), on the following.   I am married, naturalized German citizen, and wife British national.   I would like to know, if my mother from abroad sends me money (e.g. 100k €) and similarly my wife's parents also from abroad send her money (e.g. 100k €), would we be required as per German law to pay taxes on this 200 k €?   Obviously, this amount would not be treated as something we have earned through some work, but given by our parents (still alive) as gift/inheritance.   Our intent is to utilize that amount towards building a house here. So would like to know if there would be any tax charged by Germany and if yes, how much approx. would that be?   Of course, our parents have paid taxes on this amount in the home country and it be a bank-to-bank transfer whenever performed.   Thanks.