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  1. Hello, My wife recently had an interview at German Consulate, Mumbai for Family reunion visa. It has been 3 weeks and we have not heard anything from them yet. I understand that process can vary both in nature and time, case per case basis. Due to the uncertainty around the timeline, we are unable to make any of the decisions considering our future. To help us all and understand the uncertainties better I wanted to create this topic to realise the current trend around experiences with Family Reunion Visa at Consulates in India. It would be very helpful for me and I am sure to other applicants as well if those who have experience with Family Reunion Visa from India can share the timeline details here. Following details might help, feel free to add to the list. Date of the interview Consulate Location Follow up email from the Consulate with List of documents requested Approval email Passport submitted Passport received back Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi,   As the spouse of a blue card holder I'm allowed to work in Germany, I have been offered a job where I can work remotely for a multisite project(US,India,China). The Indian office wants to recruit me for 3-6 months. The amount offered in Indian Rupees is quite decent, though in euros it would only come upto 1500 at the current exchange rate. If I register as a freelancer and accept this offer, what would be the tax implications? I see from the freelancer wiki that I would have to start paying for medical insurance. What else would I have to do? The proposed mode of payment by the company is to pay me in INR which will be directly credited to my Indian account. The Indian tax would be deducted at source. They would probably use my Indian address for their records? Will this be a problem? Would I have to pay additional taxes here? Uma