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  1. How to make more money in Germany?!

    I'm around 40, and my wife and I are both employed at the moment. I work in a technical field where you can earn about 90k annually if you reach a management level. This may happen in about 5 years from now if I can be that good/lucky!!  On the other hand, we are planning to buy a house, and according to the current market, we may need to pay about 1.5-2K more each month for financing. Putting it all together, I think only relying on our salary does not brings us enough saving in the long term. Otherwise, we need to cut many expenses such as traveling, kids' extra programs, etc.    You may say, "don't be greedy and live with what you have." But personally, I'm eager to know how one can make more money in Germany. Of course, I cannot have two 40hr/w full-time jobs. But what are other options to have direct or indirect earnings besides your main employment?  No need to mention that I meant legitimate options only!