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  1. Hello everyone,    I have been pursuing to switch my current visa to a business visa, and have hired an agency to help me with a business plan. My business model includes importing cell phones, and cell phone accessories from China. Owing to the current circumstances, does anyone know if importing cell phones to Germany from China is a legal challenge?    From what I know, prior to COVID19, it was business as usual. I just want to make sure I am not missing out on any legal dynamic here before submitting my business plan to the IHK.    Any other suggestions to keep in mind regarding this business plan would be extremely helpful as well. Thank you!
  2. Has anyone got experience in bringing a car to the UK and registering it? I am going crazy trying to do that. I filled the NOVA form for HMRC. Now I'm trying to register it, which I'm doing through the V355-5 form https://assets.publishing.service.g...-and-registration-of-a-used-motor-vehicle.pdf ‘Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle’. The information required is unbelievable. Ive managed to fill most of it using their guide and from my EC Certificate of Conformity but several boxes cannot be filled because the certificate doesn't have that information e.g. Vehicle family identification number - not even the dealer knows what that is. Then there is a list of Supporting Documents that are required, some of them adding "Where Appropriate". How do I know if it's appropriate? The worse part is their statement that if the form and documentation are not complete, they will return the application. Even scarier is the statement "Note: we do not return original non-UK registration documents or certificates". I need those so I can return my plates to Germany and deregister the car. Any help will be gratefully accepted.