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  1. Hi everyone,   I'm in desperate need of some advice. I recently purchased a bike from China. The manufacturer asked for 300$ shipping fee to Berlin and I was told that I would only have to pay tax/import duties on this item in Berlin.   I received a bill this week from a shipping company in Hamburg looking for a total of 633 euros for things like  Hafenkosten Hambur, Importabfertigung,  Zollabfertigung  etc. Apparently this is on top of any import duties/taxes I'm going to have to pay once the item gets to Berlin. In other words I thought this was costing me: Bike - 1270$ Shipping fees (1.7 cbm) - 300$ Tax/import duties - TBD ?   But now it seems like it's going to be: Bike - 1270$ Shipping fees (1.7 cbm) - 300$ Transport handling fees - 700$ Tax/import duties - TBD ?   Those extra 700$ are a big bad surprise. Anyone have any experience with this? Do I have any options?  The shipping company in Hamburg also informed me that if I didn't pay this , I'd have to pay destruction costs which would be more...   This is pretty much my worst nightmare for importing stuff from China...   HELP