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  1. Hello everyone ,   I need to know if i am eligible to apply for the permanent residency in Germany.   I came in Oct 2014 and graduated in Dec 2017. After that i started working since sep 2018 having blue card at the time, for some reason i get laid off by my employer and have to look for a new job, which i found within two months and i started working again in Jan 2019. I have to move to new state for this Job and i did not get my blue card back and Immigration office told me to apply for a new one at new place. For new Job i get Aufenthaltstitel 18 ABS which is valid till May 2020. So now i have paid my tax for 21 months and completed my B1 language test too, am i eligible to apply for niederlassungerlaubnis or what else i should know to apply for it ? I also have paid social security for 6 months as a student.   I know 21 month rule applies to one which holds the blue card but what should i consider in my case as i had it for 9 months and after that it was 18 abs for rest year.    Thanks in advance    Best regards
  2. I have a brother in Germany. He's already German citizen.  I was living for 17 years legally in two countries, first Poland then Portugal.  I was sexually abused in 2016 and it made me mentally sick. Later Portugal kicked me out, because I was student. I couldn't be sick, seems like.  I didn't go back to Ukraine, because I don't have any cultural ties there or friends. So I went to Spain hiding. It's first time I'm illegal, and about more than one year. I started loosing health, and in constant risk of abuse.  I want to know if there is any way to legalize me in Germany through my brother, with some working contract, or any other info if you can tell please tell. I need to be close to my brother, because I'm frightened and weak.  Here in Spain you have to wait 3 years for legalisation.  I need more 1 year and 8 months.  I'm hundry, sick and afraid.  I prefer to go through learning a new language but be with my brother than to be alone in a country I know language.  Hope someone can help me to find information.  Thanks