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  1. Hello Members, I have read so many topics and failed to find a suitable one to take as an answer for my situation. I am a 15 year old IGCSE student . That means i basically finished my 10 years of schooling early one year because my parents chose to start my schooling at 5 in the UAE. I moved on to get the IGCSE certification with good scores and my family decided to move to Germany. My dad is an engineer and I have 5 siblings that are already finished 5th,4th and 9th grade. My dad has not recieved a package of an expat as his salary and for this reason he was recommended public schooling for us . Me and my older sibling have already studied german to the level of (A2) AND we are gifted in languages. My other siblings have not learned German , as discussed in our interview yesterday at a bilingual gymnasium .    So, the story is.... I live in Dusseldorf in the NRW and we have to contact a office called the K.E to find the right schools for us . We got recommended a bilingual gymnasium where we had an interview yesterday.   The summary of the interview yesterday is that: I would be recommended 9th grade gymnasium next year after taking a intensive course in german this year.  My 9th grade brother will be recommended 8th grade next year after taking intensive course in german this year. My two younger siblings hopefully will find a place at the bilingual program of the school. ( Because of their excellent English background)     What I dont understand is :  why should I go back two years ? Im due in 11th class next year according to my age . Im turning 17 by the next school year. I have a international certificate that is according to the daad website considered a " Hauptschulabschluss" or "Mittlere Reife/ Realschulabschluss" which means I have attended ten years of schooling and accordingly I can go to the high school options. What i understood from the head master is that I cannot go to 10th grade gymnasium without completing 9th grade gymnasium . But, does that apply to UK members moving from the GCSEs to germany, they have to be dropped two years??? It does not make sense to me to graduate at 20 while i have a international certification that qualifies me to work in germany like the Hauptschule/realschule secondary students . I need to go to uni ofcourse and this has made a huge delay on me firstly because i was moving to grade 11 this year and graduating next year and now I'm going to grade 9 next year at 16 years old!!