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  1. Hey everyone, We will move from Chicago to Heidelberg on December 16th, 2019. Our son will be 12 years old in December, and I am searching for a school for him, I already contacted some of the private ones. HPC - Schulen (Gymnasium) offered us to take him as they have availabilities. Not sure if this is a good choice, to be honest, International School Heidelberg would be a better choice, but we have to pay it ourselves, and it's expensive if the company doesn't pay it. Our son speaks German; he was born in Hamburg. We moved when he was 6 years old to Chicago. He makes some grammar mistakes while speaking German, but it's not too bad, I am more concerned about that he can't read and write in German. There is maybe another option at the Heidelberg College Gymnasium. Also, the Englisches Institut Heidelberg sounds excellent. I sent over an application and email already with them. Has anyone school kids at the HPC Gymnasium or heard anything about them? Thanks so much!