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  1. I've a friend (EU citizen) who is moving over to Germany and I have offered him a room to stay in, in my house.   It turns out that for him to officially register he is going to need to have a contract and a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, which causes all kinds of problems because I'm not going to charge him rent, he'll be living with me as a partner of family member would for about 6 months or so.   I'm the owner of the house so that isn't a problem, I just don't understand how I can declare someone is legitimately living with me without paying any rent.   Can anyone offer me any advice or help me out with this?   D
  2. I'm an expat from the U.S. and we're shopping to buy a house here in Germany. I've purchased homes in the U.S. but the systems and culture are very different here.    In the U.S., it's pretty rare to get a full-asking-price offer on a home. If the seller lists the home at 400,000K (as an example) the buyer will estimate how much refurbishment will need to be done (including minor thing like painting, etc.,) compare the actual sales prices of other houses in the neighborhood, compare how long the house has been on the market, etc.    It's not uncommon to start with an offer 5-10% below asking price and, if this offer is refused, make a higher counter offer. However, even in a competitive or buyers market, offering too low initially can sour any further negotiations with the seller, especially if the seller is a private individual (not going through a realtor.)    Not knowing the cultural, legal, and sales landscape - how much should one's initial offer on a house be, and how much room is there for negotiation?