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  1. Fixed Cost Liabilities

    Can anyone advise? Background - wife and I are retired. UK resident, but own a property in Germany for holidays for a total of 3-4 months a year (it's empty when we're in the UK). We pay fixed costs all year, even though we only use it part-year (utilities/local taxes/refuse collection/insurance/etc). We also travel with six rescue dogs (greyhounds) If we leave the EU, we will have to consider whether or not to continue with this or to sell the property - because we'd likely only use it for a maximum of 3 months, once a year, as to travel with the dogs more than that, because of the additional costs we expect post Brexit (vet certificates/blood tests/etc and travelling twice a year instead of once, by ferry/etc) will make it very expensive. My question is, can we avoid any fixed costs, should we decide to sell, we stay in the UK and the house will be empty until it's sold? For example, we know that we would still have to pay council tax if it was an empty property at home, but that is determined by your own local authority, rather than nationally. The way it operates in Germany, we can cancel the garbage collection of course (as it's not inclusive in the council tax equivalent, but paid separately) and can end our phone/internet contract. So I guess I'm asking about things that get paid to the local verbandsgemeinde, grund steur, water, etc. Any help greatly appreciated. Ta
  2. I'm sure this has been posted thousands of times, but perhaps someone could help me with my particular search, as I'm going with the following criteria: - short-term: starting a new job in a new city, and I'd rather see how the Probezeit goes, and thus don't want to sign a 2-year lease. - furnished: see above; don't want to furnish a new place in case my stay is short-lived. - single (or zweck-WG): admittedly, I'm not the most conventionally social (I'm working on that) and don't perform well at the infamous WG castings. Hope I can leverage an advantage as an employed person (decent €3000 brutto) - no distance preference: this is the point I'm hoping can get me somewhere. I'm happy to commute up to 50 min one way into Hamburg proper, even from the neighboring Bundesländer. That about sums it up. Admittedly it's something I haven't really found a service for, perhaps if someone could point me in a good direction?
  3. Furnished apartment for sublet

    We are leaving Hamburg for a year to stay in the U.S. Our furnished apartment will be available for sublet starting August 1.   Anyone not able to read our ad in German is welcome to take a look at the pictures and call me:   No fees involved. Furniture and electronic devices at no charge. We are looking for someone trustworthy.   Call: Johannes (+49 152 53678885)
  4. Hiii not to stoke stereotypes, but I wanted to just bring this up as I am looking for a new place and it's no small matter. Having recently graduated and now starting to work full time, I'm getting kicked out of my Studentenwohnheim and am on the WG hunt. Haven't had much success, except for one renter who's advertising a third room in a Zweck-WG in Hellersdorf (Marzahn). The renter herself seems to be okay, but having heard (perhaps unfounded) opinions about it being, erm, not too friendly towards foreigners, any thoughts on a Chinese American guy considering living there? Or, as I still have 1 1/2 months to look around, should I look elsewhere? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I recently graduated from uni and started working full time here, and have had abysmal luck with finding a WG. There's one offer from a 3 person Zweck-WG that I'm considering, and I did visit the place and meet the main tenant (both don't seem shady), but she's requested a minimum rental contract of one year. I don't know if this is the norm, or if this is indicative of a bad living situation (previous unsatisfied tenants wanting to jump ship) and this will lock me in. Also, I'm still in my six month Probezeit and there's always the uncertainty of me still being there after.   On a related topic, I also wanted to ask your thoughts on the rental costs compared to income - it's €500 Warm against my €2500 monthly salary, before taxes. It (just barely) meets the "30% of your salary) rule, but I don't know if I should take the risk and look for something cheaper - my current lease ends end of May.
  6. Yet another housing thread (feel free to remove if redundant) but perhaps this is more broad and applicable for others as well. The basic question is: Is there more demand in central Berlin for studio apartments or multiple occupancy apartments, per supply?   Specifically, I'm finishing up my studies here in Berlin and looking for a studio apartment for myself as I start working full time. No luck yet. Two friends from college suggested that we form a WG together, but they haven't found any suitable apartments yet either. I'll keep an open mind about the WG route, as they're neat people, but regarding my chances for each approach, is it easier searching for and finding a single occupancy apartment or more standard multiple occupancy ones? Which has more competition?