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  1. We've bene looking into buying our first home here in Germany. Our banker has stated that the expectation is that the loan will be paid off prior to the loan bearer entering retirement. The impression (at least from our bank) is that they would not offer us a loan that was outstanding past our retirement date (I.e. if you're 20 years out from retirement, they won't offer a loan that can't be paid off in 20 years.)   Question: Is it impossible to get a loan in Germany, that you are still repaying after retirement? 
  2. We're looking at houses. One of the homes is gorgeous, but the kitchen is a large container addition (not a permanent construction to the house.) I've never owned or lived in a place with a container extension, and I'm concerned about how long they last, how difficult is the upkeep, and what happens when it "wears out" (I.e. How expensive is it to haul off, and replace?)   The container is approximately 4.5 x 4.5 meter square and is between 10 and 15 years old.   Images of container:      
  3. I'm selling a house in the UK. This will leave me with a respectable amount of pounds sterling. I now wonder whether to leave that money in the UK or to move it to Germany or any combination of both. As I am tax resident in Germany, I wonder about the implications too. Any advice welcome.