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  1. Hello everyone, my family is in kind of a 'apartment pickle' maybe you guys can help us. We are a family of 3 (myself, wife and a 2 year old boy), moved from USA to Nuremberg few months ago to go to school. Till this day we haven't found any apartment for us. First month and half we stayed in Airbnb and now we're in kind of a shared community place. We tried every website there is, written numerous messages to landlords both in English and German but they deny us based on -> we currently don't have a job or family "too big" etc. Funny thing is we have more than enough money in a German bank account that we transferred from USA which will easily last us close to 2 years and we are about to get our residence permit so we can get jobs. Recently, I transferred school and now moving to Berlin in the last week of September so we desperately need a place for us starting October 1. The school I'm going to, do not have any accommodation options for foreign students just like the one here in Nuremberg.  I am scared for myself and my family that we will have to go through again what we went through when we first arrived, it was a nightmare. Especially now that we are in a completely different city and we will arrive with all our stuff and may not have a place to stay.  What should we do? Can any of you suggest a realtor who can help us? Is that going to be too expensive. Since we don't have a job yet, we don't want to spend way too much upfront. We are looking for preferably 2 bedroom, if not for now 1 bedroom and the place partially furnished.  Please suggest what we should do, all ideas are welcome.  Thank you and God bless.
  2. Hello,   We have a problem, we had a übergabeprotokollon recently. the agent was happy, and i signed the document stating all was i.o (in ordnung) and i took a pic of it (agent dint sign in the picture) .   but to our shock we received a document with stated n.i.o (nicht in ordnung) and many comments added to the same documents which i had already signed.    it looks like they are trying to put the whole renovation cost of house on us.    1. is our photos legally enough to claim that we are not responsible for extra things added? 2. we had a German neighbour who helped us and was present for übergabeprotokollon, will her statement hold any good? 
  3. Hi All,   I was planning to sell my house in the US this year and recently relocated to Germany for work.  I'm living in Hamburg and earning my salary here in euros for the next 1 year and 2 months.  I don't intend to remain in Germany after that.  I have had the house for almost 5 years.  I was living in it from 2014-2017 until I moved abroad, first to China, and then just a few weeks ago to Germany.  I've been renting the house to my friend since 2017 when I moved out.   My understanding is that the US has taxation rights to the sale.  However, I would actually not be subject to capital gains tax in the US since I was living in the property for the minimum 2 out of the last 5 years.  I would, however, be subject to depreciation recapture and a fairly small "stamp tax" in Massachusetts.   I have spoken to multiple tax accountants in Germany through my work and they've given me conflicting answers on whether or not I would have to pay capital gains tax to Germany after the sale.  I'm hoping that somebody with experience could help to clarify.  I understand that if I had held the property for 10+ years or if I hadn't rented it out that I definitely wouldn't have to pay it, but unfortunately these situations don't apply to me.  I also understand that I can rent it out for one more year and sell it after moving and it wouldn't be an issue, but I would very much prefer to sell it now.   Please let me know in case more information is needed.  I appreciate any help that you can give me.   Thank you,   Jon
  4. I bought a house in February this year. Provinzial, the insurance company of the previous owner, contacted me by letter shortly after I moved in, to which we replied saying we would not be taking over whatever policy was on the house. Unfortunately this was not sent by registered email and Provinzial says they have no record of it.   Upon moving in, we signed up for a new policy with another insurance company and life went on.   Until a month ago when Provinzial called us (not sure how they got our phone number) to tell us that we owe them money. They claim they never received our letter and that they have been sending us multiple letters since (upon further enquiry during a face to face meeting, they admitted they sent these letters to the previous owner and not to us).   Apparently since then, and without letting me know, they have renewed a policy for another year. They also cannot tell me what exactly they renewed because the previous owner had a full insurance package (house, car, life, etc.) so that is not directly applicable to me.   Has anyone had this kind of experience when buying a property in Germany? And what my rights might be in this situation? I unfortunately don’t have a legal insurance and while I understand it may not be worth fighting for a relatively small sum, I don't like their their lies (claiming they sent me multiple letters after the first one but later admitting they sent them to the previous owner). 
  5. Hello,   I am doing a PhD at LMU Munich and my girlfriend is moving down from Bremen. Our budget is 900€ and we are ready to provide proof of income, references etc. The most important thing is that the city centre should be easily accessible from the apartment.   Kindly drop a message if you have a place to offer.   Thank you