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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge out there about building houses in Germany and certain subsidies and related construction rules.   We are looking at building a house in our village. After a few meetings with an architect and a local construction fella we've now got some (almost) final house plans. There are a couple of little changes I wouldn't mind making but I'm getting responses (a little bit third hand) that certain things can't be changed without us breaking construction rules and therefore waiving potential subsidies.   I've been looking into it myself, governmental subsidies exist on a national, state and local level and can vary depending on where you are. After a fair bit of digging the closest thing I could find that seemed like it related to our situation was kfw 153. However from reading through this it seems that these subsidies are based on the energy efficiency of the property and not the size.   When I went back with this information I was told that it is in fact to do with house construction and how it relates to Reichensteuer. Now I have Googled and searched these forums and I can't find anything that links these two things... Neither me nor my partner reach the threshold for Reichensteuer as it relates to income... but as I said I have no idea what this has to do with house size and subsidies offered... the only other info I've so far been able glean so far is that this 'Reichensteuer' or whatever it is, comes into effect once the 'living space' of a proposed property is above 220m2. Does anyone know what this relates to? Have I received some confused or incorrect information? I just want a bit of clarity before I agree to any final house plans.   Thanks for the help!
  2. We are married couple (both blue card holders) looking for a house (Semi-detatched, Single family/free standing, end of terrance house...) with at least 4 rooms anywhere in all Berlin. Despite the fact the we have a stable income and we are applying in houses with monthly rent around 30% of our household income, we are not being able to find a house. We are using immoscount24 and we contact properties listed by both private and agencies by email mainly due to lack of knowledge of German. But we send a message in German and we try to call whenever possible. The outcome are always: * No response (especially the private landlord = 100% no response) * Not being selected for the second round after visiting the apartment 1) Please share your knowledge about the house renting situation in Berlin and do you have any tips and advices on how to find a house ?  2) Do you know an agency that can help us find a house  3) Why landlords are not selecting us (We have both a positive Schufa and high income and highly educated, no debts, no pets, positive history with previous landlords...) does that have to do with the fact that we are not Germans ?  Can you please share your knowledge, I'm really puzzled   
  3. Hello Toytown,    I used to be a member way back when in 2010 when I moved to Germany and I’m happy to say I am back, albeit with a new account.    I have a question regarding “Spekulationssteuer” and “Verschenkung” related to property and would really appreciate your help and advice.    In 2016 my wife’s parents purchased a house which my wife and I live in and have done so uninterrupted since 2016. My wife’s parents are planning to gift the house to us “Verschenkung” and we are planning to sell the house due to relocation back to UK.    Now to the point, my wife’s parents haven’t owned the house for 10 years, and when we take it over it will have been in our ownership and previously her parents’ ownership for a total of 4 years. However, as previously said my wife and I have lived her as our main residence since purchasing the house.    Can we therefore avoid paying Spekulationssteuer / capital gains tax?  If we can’t, could we move to UK first and complete the sale as UK tax residents and avoid the tax that way?    Thank you so much in advance, happy to be back!    All the best,  David