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  1. Hello   Im in my 30s, single mum to a teenage boy. I currently work as a front end website developer so I am capable of supporting myself financially. I have been to Berlin this year, and really liked the atmosphere and culture.     I have started to learn some basic German, but am in no way fluent at the moment, but I am willing to learn as much as I can.   I really want to leave the UK with my son, to give him a better education and an improved way of life. I also need a fresh start in my life, and for some reason after visiting Berlin I was drawn to the area.   I needed some advice if someone would be kind enough to help me out please.    1. Where is a reasonably priced area to live that is outside of Berlin? I need to be a close distance for commuting. 2. Is it possible to find a decent paying job for front end website development work as an English speaker, learning German? 3. Are there any agencies that I can sign up to? 4. Are there bilingual schools for teenagers around Berlin?   Thanks in advance   Sarah