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  1. Hit and Run Accusation

    Hi all,   I am not sure this is the right topic if it is not please correct me   I came to Germany about four months ago and I am working as an IT consultant here.   I was trying to park my car in front of my apartment. When I was trying to park my car backwards, my car grazed another car. At this point I opened my car door and I looked at the damage of the other car. Then I parked my car exactly across from the car which I hit. The distance was about 3 meters between the cars. I noted the plate number to my phone but I didn't call the police immediately becuse I didn't know this step.   So I went to my apartment to ask my neighbours whose car it was and also I was looking on the web 'what to do in this situation'. The distance between the accident area and my apartment is about ten meters. Right after fifteen minutes from the time of the accident, my next door neighbour came to my apartment and she said that 'One of the neighbours called me and he said that 'Someone hit your car and ran away.' So then I called the police immediately. But when I came to the street, I talked with the neighbour who called me and I recognized your car and saw that you didn't run. I wouldn't call the police if I knew it was you because you also parked right across from my car. I will call the police again. There is a misunderstanding and the case is not Hit and Run'.  Meanwhile I also showed her I already noted the plate number and I was checking on the internet for what to do next because I didn't know the processes after an accident with a parking car. I already registered at a driving school at the moment and I am using my Turkish driver licence until I get my German driver licence. Also I called my insurance and informed them too at this time.   In general we already had an agreement with the neighbour but when she called the police again to say 'It was a misunderstanding...', the police said you must come to the police station anyway. We went to the police station together and we explained the situation exactly like this. The police officer said to me that  'I understand you. You didn't know the rule and I think you won't receive a penalty or something like that but I have to report this because it's actually a crime in Germany. I will explain everything in my report as you told me.' So then she checked the damages, there were little scratches in both cars. The police officer also mentioned that 'these damages are tiny'.    After 4-6 weeks I will take a letter for this case. I don't know who will send it. Before that I'd like to ask you what are the possible consequences because it makes me very uncomfortable. I have also an appointment for Blue Card process on 8th of February. Will it affect that?   Thanks in advance!