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  1. Hi everyone I really need some help. A man came to my apartment building and told me that the building is now switching over to the pyur internet provider due to the old VDSL connections not working anymore ( for tenants on the 4th and 5th floors). He was a representative of the company and was talking to multiple other tenants at the time. His explanation was as follows. The apartment glass fiber was built by their company and everyone is switching over with no change to the tariff. The company was paid through Nebenkosten already and all they need to do is activate the connection at a certain date and give us out new boxes (which are also already paid for by Nebenkosten). I tried to explain I wasn't interested and he and the other tenants explained that if I didn't switch and something went wrong I cannot get help to fix it. I'm really confused and unsure whether to say no because I'm happy with my connection or yes because I run the risk of losing all my connection. Is this a scam?   Please help I know this was long but I really need urgent advice   Hope your all doing well  Joe