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  1. Hi! I moved into a new apartment about two months ago. The contract was signed vs. the large company Heimstaden. Several days after I moved in, workers started building support beams for the building and informed me that there is a renovation of the facade, planned to last until the end of January. They have since covered the entire building with white tarp, there is no light in the apartment, my two balconies are covered with dust and broken rocks and the drilling starts around 8 am, as they strip the old facade from the building...   This severely hurts my ability to work from home. Even though I understand that these kind of renovations are necessary from time to time, I'm a bit pissed that the landlord (Heimstaden) did nothing to inform me of this until after the renovations started (I received a letter). Obviously, I have not given my consent to this.   All this doesn't seem very fair. Is there anything I can do? Or is there no way to fight this and I should just bite my lip until January (if they in fact finish by then).