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  1. I am in need of a good english speaking lawyer, specialising in Baurecht in or near Heidelberg. We recently built a new house and are facing issues with our construction company. I understand that the court communications and proceedings are in German. That is fine. I just need someone who can communicate in English with us. 
  2. Hello all,   I came to Germany 4 years ago for work with my husband and two kids. Sadly, my husband left (we are divorcing) and I find myself alone, in my 40s, still not speaking German since I work in English (although I took German courses up to B1.1 level) & no close friends - my husband was my best friend for over 20 years and I thought it was enough to concentrate on work and my family.   I'm staying here in Germany because my kids are the only close family I have now and here I have a Job.    How do I meet new people without speaking German? I want to go out & have fun, talk to people, make friends, date, learn to actually speak German, have playdates for my dog. Are there any group meetings of forum members in the Heidelberg area? I don't have a car but can get to wherever the Tram #5 goes