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  1. Our flat has underfloor heating which is powered by a heating system boiler which runs off oil in the winter. The oil is used to power the system that heats the hot water for our daily use as well as the underfloor heating.  In the summer we plug the system in so that it runs off electricity to heat hot water only and at the same time flick a switch to turn off the oil-run part of the system as we don't use the heating in the summer and it is much cheaper to run it off electricity only rather than oil which we save for the following winter.     Our aim though medium term is to come off oil entirely. There are three 1'000 litre oil tanks and already one is out of service as we simply don't need or want o buy 3'000 litres of oil at a time.    My first query is, can we with this combined heating system somehow use electricity to heat the water for hot water as well as the water for the underfloor heating? I know this would probably be a bit more expensive, but we have a good price for electricity and we want to eliminate oil and the necessity for deliveries. The oil smells and gives me headaches.    Secondly, we want to eventually replace the current heating system and boiler entirely.  Bearing in mind the underfloor heating system does not need replacing and we have a boiler room where the system sits, what are out options for heating the water (for both hot water and heating) in the future, other than oil? We assume we can only choose between wood or pellet burners and a heat pump?    Specifically though, are electric-run heating systems already prohibited in Germany or does that only apply to new-builds?    I should add that the building is a house divided into two flats and some years ago, owing to a huge disagreement between the former owners of our flat and the current neighbours of the other flat, those owners installed their own new heating system independent of what is now ours and in a separate boiler room.  So our current system was originally designed to serve two flats but now only serves ours and has done for the last 10 years, however it is 20 years old. I am just worried that it will break down one winter, in which case we will freeze and have no hot water unless an emergency solution can be rigged up.        
  2. Hi   I am recently planning to buy a single floor house from 1963 where the heating got changed in 2017 to Gas and also the electricity. The hot water now comes under heating. Since the change no one has stayed there regularly and on my request the present owner has created an energy certificate(attached). the rating says G/H. Also I have attached the report after heating change for KFW promotion.   My question is  1. How to read the KFW report  like 22/1550/600 etc. 2. How accurate is the energy certificate given the fact that the usage was irregular after the heating change. 3. How to increase the efficiency of the house 4. My understanding was the heating gets turned off in the summer, if that is the case then what about hot water? In other words is it efficient to put hot water under heating or hot water under electricity is more favourable. 5. The main electricity box has got changed, Please see the photo uploaded in the link. Is it necessary to change the electrical wiring of the entire house. Is there a rough cost estimate to accomplish that?   Below are some facts a.The windows are already double pane wood window. b. Roller shutters are already present. c. The attic is not developed. There are some woolen insulation layed over the floor of the attic and also the inside portion of the roof.   I am not looking for some big renovations. I have added the required files in the Google drive.