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  1. Hello everyone,   A few weeks ago I went to my house doctor for my checkup. I had a dull chest pain which I was experiencing a few times a week which is attached to my emotional behaviour. I wanted to know if I have any heart related problems. The doctor did an ekg and she told me that you have left ventricular hypertrophy which means that my left heart chamber is bigget then the right heart chamber which made me quite worried. She told me that maybe the ekg is not correct becuase sometimes it can be incorrect so you should go and visit a cardiologist. She did not gave me any medicine as I was quite worried and my pain was not reducing I went to the klinikum and told them about problem. They again did the ekg and some other test and after a few hours and told me that you have no heart problem. Maybe its your muscles or something like that. I told them that it's related to my emotional behaviour in return they told me just relax and don't take too much stress. It's been a few weeks now I sometimes still have the same dull pain and with my left hand too. I am still quite worried and planning to visit a cardiologist. Anyone here have experienced the same or have some sort of knowledge I have my test reports I can share them too. The pain is often associated with stress at work or when I am exited. It's not a huge pain but it's a dull one which you can differentiate.   Thank you