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  1. My husband is 18 months into a 2 year fixed term employment contract and is having issues with a toxic work environment and has been signed off sick with burnout, stress and depression. He is insured with public health insurance and has been since he started working here. I am insured through his family insurance. If his employer decides not to continue with the contract when it finishes, or to fire him before the contract ends I think my husband can claim unemployment and his health insurance is covered, but does that include my cover with the family insurance? I'm pregnant and worried I won't have appropriate cover if this happens.    *Also just to note, we are planning to move away from Germany once the contract finishes but due to pregnancy complications I can't travel and I need to have the baby here in Germany before we can move*
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a Romanian citizen currently visiting my German boyfriend (with intent to register as a resident and remain in Germany) and have been trying to get information regarding health insurance. I am not employed and not seeking employment at the moment as I have an arrangement with my father to support me financially while I handle some private matters (it would be difficult to explain specifics but basically I won't be working any time soon). I would like to get an idea of what health insurance I could be eligible for as someone living off private funding. Or if that is possible at all. I know I will need insurance, legally, but I do not think I'm eligible for public health insurance. It's very confusing. I've also seen some very cheap expat plans online but some people say that they are insufficient coverage. Ideally I would like to earn a modest income as a digital illustrator (I used to sell digital art while at University in the UK and I was earning under the amount needed to declare income) but I currently do not have the funds to pay someone to consult for tax advice to figure out what I should even file as + pay them for small business/self-employment registration as well. So I can't currently do that and then qualify for insurance. It would have to happen later down the line, in a few months.  I would appreciate any advice you have for me as I find myself in a really awkward position now. Thank you so much!
  3. Hello ToyTownTeam,   Like many of you, I have searched the very impressive forum archives and been overwhelmed with its awesomeness, and how my meager mind cant find what I am looking for   In short, I have a German citzenship (so can get public insurance), and back in Germany since the Spring.  It took me until now to finally get the public insurance approved, with various documents and forms.  I have been insured, until now, with travel insurance.   So now, of course, I am insured, but I have to back pay to the spring, which naturally sucks, when you are a unemployed freelancer.     My question - If I can prove that I am not yet registered in Germany (Angemeldet), can I get out of the backpayments?  The insurance companies apparently charge you from the date of your arrival into the country (wish I knew that in advance).  And it has taken me 3 months to get approval from the public insurer.  Seems naturally unfair to pay for 3 months of health care, where I indeed had no official usage or coverage.  But hey, these systems are not made to be fair, now are they?    I havent registered yet, so I am hoping that is my wildcard, but I wanted to ask on this forum, before asking the insurance company that, in case it messes things up more.   As always, greatly appreciative for the knowledge of the veterans on this site!  You guys do good work and help out many other confused people, like me!!   Cheers from the Rhineland!  
  4. I was on unpaid leave starting Nov 2020 and it lasted until Jan 2021. TK, my health insurance provider, started charging me voluntary insurance starting December 2020 and I paid around 200 euros every month for Dec 2020 and Jan 2021. They didn't charge me anything for the first month of my unpaid leave saying that employer pays for that month.   When I came back to work starting Feb 2021 and when I got my first salary after coming back, I noticed that my employer had taken the max permissible amount of health insurance contribution out of my net salary.. around 872 Euros likely for the first month.    Is this permissible? I saw conflicting accounts on the internet about it.    Thanks
  5. Hi,   I am urgently looking ways to switch my health insurance from Private to Public as every year the premium is increased by Insurance provider. That too when our Medical expenses are almost null.  I have heard that one way is if the income goes below 54k pa then one will automatically be switched to Public health insurance.  So my question is does it also apply if the working hours are reduced to decreased the income?    Thanks, Ashfra
  6. My wife lost her job due to Covid restrictions (being contested with a lawyer as others not treated the same) and having previously used up her entitlement for Arbeitslosengeld/minijob she is now being asked to pay a lot of money out of her own pocket for her Krankenversicherung. I am privately insured so could not cover her but am hearing I basically need to pay the same for her until she finds new employment. Is this correct or can we just find something cheap like TK for 3 months to cover her. They are asking for my earning details so they can decide how much she has to pay but do not take into account what outgoings we have. Or is there another option short term?
  7. Hi everyone,   Looking for some guidance. I am a freelance writer and editor ending my work responsibilities on July 1. I'm a member of the Künstlersozialkasse and have private health insurance. I'm taking some time off work to improve my German and take a bit off my plate after a very stressful COVID time with a toddler. What is the best way to remove myself from the KSK and get on my husband's health insurance? The KSK sent me a income change form, but the insurance and dues are calculated by yearly amount (I've made about 30k this year so far and won't have any income coming in for the rest of the year). What do I need to provide my husband's insurance company? The KSK hasn't been so helpful in answering my questions quickly and any help is appreciated. 
  8. Health insurance issue, am I covered?

    Hi all,   I'll try and cut a long story short.   I was a posted worker up until September last year working for a UK based company from Germany, as that posted worker status was coming to an end and I wanted to stay in Germany working for the same company I needed to then move onto the German social securities/insurances. I contacted AoK and the DVKA to see what the next steps were, after a few months they replied and contacted my employer regarding this, this slow process then continued into this year and my employer told me they do not want to register me with the German health insurer as they do not want a 'presence' in Germany. Instead I should go self-employed and they would be one of my clients (I know the issues regarding 1 client etc).  So now I've had to go down the self-employed road, I thought this would be a simple process - but no, the health insures need a record of my last 12 months NI/social security payments in the UK - I told them that is normally something only they can apply for this SO40/SO41 and it would take 6 weeks to come through, they then said that isn't necessary as long as I can prove it with other documents, so I did that with a P60 and pay slips - I've also applied for some other proof from HMRC but they haven't replied. Now again some weeks later the German health insurer has sent me a letter to say they need an SO40/SO41!!!... the exact thing I told them they need to apply for!! So I feel like I am in limbo here, all the while I have been paying my NI/social securities in the UK but I don't know if that covers me, but how else do I get covered if the health insurers are so slow during this process I can't just pay privately (can I?) for a few months as then I understand it would be difficult or impossible to register with state health insurance. Thanks