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  1. Hello,   My parents will be visiting me from India for a couple of months in the summer. I am looking to get a good travel health insurance (not just for visa purposes). They are both reasonably healthy (but do have pre existing conditions) and will likely not need medical care in the time they are here. However they are also older (73 and 63) and I want to make sure that in the event they need emergency medical care, we have reliable insurance. Ideally, I would like to have an insurance where the company makes the payments directly to the hospital and does not require us to submit bills for reimbursement. I am considering 2 options:   1.  2. ADAC   I see that there are also other german companies like HanseMerkur or Allianz (is this german?) that offer such insurance for visitors. Does anyone have experience with using any of these companies?    
  2. Giving Birth Outside Germany

    Hi,   I am currently insured with AOK. I am pregnant. I plant to give birth in Asia. I am wondering if anyone knows if health insurance pays for anything if I choose to give birth outside of Germany?
  3. I don’t wanna pay back on insurance

    So I am 2 years behind on paying life insurance but I’d preferably not be paying for them. I wanna get insurance now.. is there any way or any private providers that will enable me?  side question would be: is anybody even actually looking at the difference between the dates… or I can wake up w a horrible fine unexpectedly 3 yrs from now for example