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  1. Hello Guys, I'm a non-EU resident in Germany for 5 years with a permanent residence (niederlassungserlaubnis 18b). Due to some family issues in my home country, i'm planning to spend 9 months abroad after my working contract is over, and i will be unemployed but  not registered at the "agentur für arbeit" as i will not be in Germany searching for a job. Based on that, i have a couple of questions: (1) Must i pay the pension insurance (rentenversicherung) or just i do not have to pay as i'm unemployed?. should i tell them that i will travel aborad or anything similar? (2) Regrading the Health insurance, I do not want to pay it as i will not use it at all, is there a way to avoid that other than to deregister from the city, maybe something to prove that i was not in Germany for a certain period of time?   Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys,   I've been officially registered in Berlin as my Hauptwohnsitz (main residence) since October 2015. I have no health insurance and have not been employed or earning any income.   N.B. Any quick responses are appreciated as I may need to tell my new employer today to hold off on getting me my first German social security number if indeed this will open Pandora's box. See below.   Questions:   -Is there a particular Krankenkasse I can sign up to not back-charge me for two years of no health insurance? - Or can I now sign up with a cheap foreign health insurance company (i.e. UK based) to either just count as my ongoing insurance or to present to my upcoming Krankenkasse so that they don't think I have been uninsured and maybe then don't back-charge me? - If I do end up having to pay back-charges, how much will that be based on no income? (I'm still actually registered in the UK as a freelancer but have submitted £0 tax returns for a couple of years) - Today I am signing up with Deliveroo as a freelance bike courier. I have to get a Gewerbeschien for that. If I cancel the Foodora job and just take the Deliveroo freelancer job, can I stay off the health insurance radar? - Whether I work for Foodora and Deliveroo or just Deliveroo, does the fact that I will probably be only earning under €1500 mean my health insurance premiums will be only circa €150 per month from now on? (Presuming I don't just take some kind of cheap foreign health insurance?   Useful background info:   I am from the UK where the NHS just happens automatically, so obligatory health insurance is unfamiliar to me. I have not been employed or earning any money while I have been in Germany. I have just been using savings to renovate a mixed use Gewerbeeinheit property where I have been living, with the aim of setting up a business in the property, maybe.   Money is nearly out, so, yesterday, I signed an employment contract with Foodora for circa €850 per month as a bike courier to keep me afloat financially while I renovate. Today I will also sign up with Deliveroo on a freelance basis to earn roughly €15 per hour for a number of hours of my choosing on top of Foodora.   I wasn't sure if I would be in Germany for long at all at first and don't plan to be here for more than the next 3-4 years, so health insurance into old age is not an issue for me. I have just attended to any health queries on my visits to the UK for the moment, but that seems untenable for the next few years, so heath insurance would be a plus, but not if it is just asking for trouble.   Toytown research:   N.B. I have read a few similar posts and feel a new post is worthwhile as the useful posts I found were old and things change. I'm particularly hoping that @PandaMunich and @Starshollow or @john g.may have some good input. There was talk in earlier posts by @john g. of Central stopping but then reverting to back-charging, which seemed particularly relevant: From @lightcycle: "A friend of mine recently got health insurance with AOK after two years of no insurance, she asked them if they were going to back-charge her for that time and they said "no, we don't do that anymore". Anyone heard anything similar? Have they really stopped the back-charging nonsense?"   From @john g. "lightcycle: that´s interesting! I´m surprised but glad! I work in the insurance business and I know there´s one private health insurer which is no longer enforcing backpayments. Where will it lead? Don´t know...we´ve been through this before. A big private insurer, Central, did this in 2009 and got a lot of business. I know I got people insured there for that very reason. Then other private insurers got annoyed - as did the Govt. Central had to backtrack. The whole issue is absurd - how can you backcharge people for services they haven´t had? Bloody ridiculous."   Thanks for your help! It is appreciated!   Related posts I have viewed:   Good overall wiki article by Patrick Ott (@StarsHollow):   A very relevant yet old and long post widely discussed by key Toytown players (as quoted above):   Some relevant info from the UK gov:   Short but sweet on a similar topic:   A guy sadly getting slagged off for asking a question:  
  3. Hello everyone,   I've asked on here before regarding S1 health insurance forms and eventually I was able to get mine sorted. However now that everything is up and running I expect the walls to come tumbling down again.   Firstly does anyone know if I am required to resubmit the S1 form annually? When I received the S1 certificate it did indeed have an expiry date for a year later, however I don't know if this is just an expiry to use the S1 form to sort out your insurance or if the subsequent insurance that you acquire will also expire on that date. For example I had an S1 certificate from the UK that expired at the beginning of April 2019. However I took that certificate to AOK and was issued with my AOK insurance card last year. The insurance card itself has no expiry date on it and instead has xxxxxx in the place where the expiry date would be (which to me implies no expiry). I was hoping someone here would know so I wouldn't have to go into AOK and ask or worse still find out I am not insured next time I am at the dentist.   The second part of my question relates to being a UK citizen living here in Germany and if anyone else is in a similar situation and knows the potential outcomes. I am married to a German citizen and have a freshly born German citizen son here. I've been here for just over four years and married for about one and a half. My work is still UK based (I am a sailor in the North Sea) and all my taxes are paid in the UK as I actually spend more time there per year than I do here. I have made absolutely no preparations, enquiries or precautions regarding Brexit whatsoever so was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the following;   - What will happen to people like me with S1 health insurance after Brexit? - Is it possible that even with a wife and child here I could be deported? - Would I be eligible for German citizenship and what would that entail, could I get dual citizenship? - Is there anything I should be doing etc. in preparation for Brexit? - I fly in and out of the country on a monthly basis to the UK for work. Will I likely suddenly have visa issues?   Any help, advice or thoughts will be much appreciated! 
  4. Hi, I'm a registered freelancer but was thinking of getting a mini-job on the side. I have public health insurance through TK and I am trying to work out how much tax and HI i would pay on this second job. Let's say, for example, I earn 25k a year from freelancing. If I was to earn 400 per month on top of this with a mini job, how much would I have to pay? Will I have to pay the same insurance on my mini job (ie 14.6% HI and 3.3% care insurance)? These percentages are taken from my total earnings, right? The mini job isn’t exempt?
  5. Hi,   I am urgently looking ways to switch my health insurance from Private to Public as every year the premium is increased by Insurance provider. That too when our Medical expenses are almost null.  I have heard that one way is if the income goes below 54k pa then one will automatically be switched to Public health insurance.  So my question is does it also apply if the working hours are reduced to decreased the income?    Thanks, Ashfra
  6. Hi all! I have a question. My husband and I recently got a baby boy, and he is just two months old. Now, my husband has a full time job with an umbefristet contract. If I spelled that correctly...  My contract ended on the 30.11.2019. My Mutterschaft ends next month, on the 16.03. What would be the best to do? I already went to our Arbeitsamt and they said I should not register as arbeitslos if I sont want to work for the first two years of my baby’s life. Which I dont. However, one of the ladies mentioned betreuung?? And betreuungsgeld? I have no clue what that is. I went back to ask more about that, but a lady casualy told me not to apply cause I am married and I “probably have enough money to make ends meet”. I have my own health insurance which I dont want to loose, and I would like to avoid to get a family insurance via my husband. Any advice on what to do?? To register as arbeitslos and maybe get a mini job?? Would that cover my health insurance? I dont want to take advantage of the state, I dont want to sit at home and get money. I want to stay at home with my baby for the first two years, maybe do a mini job in the evening when my husband gets home, but would that cover for my health insurance? I would highly appreciate any answer and advice. And yes, we both have EU citizenship. Kindest regards!
  7. Hi all,   I've searched around for this situation and haven't been able to find a thread. Apologies if I missed an obvious one!   In short: My employer registered me incorrectly with my health insurance for one year, and now I need to backpay the 2,100 euro difference.   For 12 months (Nov 2018 - Nov 2019), I was a working student with a 20 hour/week contract.   From an insurance perspective, I was classified as an Absolvent from November 2018 to April 2019, and then as Freiwillig Versichert onwards. This is because I exceeded the 14 semester limit in November 2018, although I was still a registered student. My income during this time was ~900 euro per month.   When I began as a working student, my employer incorrectly registered me as Pflichtversichert (boy do I know the difference now!), and contributed half of my monthly insurance payments. This continued throughout my entire contract.    At the end of my contract, I received a notification from the TK that they were missing my income information from the past year, and needed it in order to calculate a backpayment. Confused, I asked for clarification and sent them proof of my payments. Then I found out that I had been registered incorrectly, was supposed to have been paying the entirety of my monthly contributions, and now need to backpay 12 months' worth of fees.   As a student, 2,100 euro is more than two months of my income. My question is, can there be anything done to reduce/split up the amount? Is it worth asking my union about?   Thank you!
  8.   Hey All,   A few months ago I had no health insurance and needed medical treatment at a hospital here in Germany. I put myself down as Selbstzahler (Self Payer) at the hospital and received the treatment.   Now my Krankenkasse application has finally been accepted (I'm a private customer) and my public health insurance membership has been backdated to a time BEFORE I went to the hospital and received treatment. To my knowledge all the hospital treatment I received would be covered by a Krankenkasse (in other words no extra stuff that would only be available to privately insured patients).   So my question is simply am I within my rights to approach the accounts department of the hospital and inform them that the bill for the treatment I received should be redirected to my Krankenkasse and not sent to me to pay myself?   I can appreciate that the accounts department might find it a hassle to redirect billing and might be reluctant to do so, but I'm wondering if at the end of the day they are legally obliged to do so or if they are within their rights to demand that I pay since at the time I was treated I identified myself as a self payer. I'd really appreciate any guidance from anyone who's got experience in this area. Thanks so much!  
  9. Hey there folks!  I have failed at finding this information anywhere in on google and this forum. Hope you could shade some light for me.   Context 1. I am currently a full time employee at a GMBH. 2. I do not have a restriction to start my own side business from my employer. 3. I want to open an UG (sole proprietary). 4. I do not plan to pay myself any salary in the foreseeable future (2-3 years). Concerns 1. Does being a company owner impose me to be privately insured for health? 2. Is it legally permitted for me to work for my company as a owner without take a salary (e.g. developing a software product or setting up a online shop)?  3. Should I consider to employ myself can I still be a member of TK? I know I'd have to pay the company's part of the contribution too.   Thank you all in advance!   
  10. insurance

    Hi everyone, I've lived in Germany for a few years. Now I am back in my home country, since I'm writing the final paper. I don't have plans to return to Germany.   The problem is that in order to matriculate, the university on the German side insists that I need to have my insurance from a German provider. Which I obviously don't have anymore.   I've already gone through the process of applying for an insurance when I first matriculated, but then my insurance company dropped me when I was in Germany, it was a private insurance company. The thought of having to go through the process of searching for another student health insurance company, plus paying extra for something that I'm not even going to use, really isn't comforting. I don't want to do it, since it means I'll have to write my insurance company (the one that dropped me) to ask them to reinstate me. Otherwise I'm out of luck, because I'm too old for public insurance and I can't afford to pay for the more expensive private insurance.   (Long story short, I cracked my arm and needed an MRI. The health insurance company dropped me like a hot potato.)   Does anybody have any suggestions what I could do? I already told the person-in-charge that I'm overseas right now. It makes no sense to require me to have an insurance since I'm not even there, but that's bureaucracy. :/