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  1. Protocol with Handwerkers

    Over the last 6 weeks we have had 7 plumbers come, inspect and then not turn up for the job. Finally we find plumber number 8. Hes actually a handwerker who does plumbing and electrics. Friday, he can´t make it. Saturday he comes but is 2 hours late. He makes an inspection, tests pipes and we pay him €50. He is to return Monday after giving us a final price. Monday he says that he can not get all the parts and therefore can not give a price. He will come Tuesday. I wait. Then I get a message saying that he will give the price on Wednesday and come at 10 am. He doesn´t come and we have no message. He doesn´t reply to anything. Wednesday PM I re-run my ad and get a reply within a couple of minutes. However I do not give our address, just a basic run down of the job and also that I would let him know next week if he is needed. He´s persistent and I have to say that he can not come. We carry on trying to contact plumber 8. No reply. This morning I get a very angry email from plumber 8 saying that he has bought all the pipes but I have set someone else onto the job who asked him to help. He says he has spent a lot of money.He tells me we are blocked and he will not speak with us again. Plumber 9 has told plumber 8 that he is doing the job. I immediately apologise and ask a neighbour to help. He telephones from his phone I am told that I am at fault because I should have just waited. Plumber 8 said that I gave plumber 9 the job and the address. This is not true. However Plumber 8 has decided to forgive me but I must wait until he is ready next week sometime. Also he is going to bring another person with him to the job. I suspect the price is getting higher but we are desperate. He then sends me another message saying that because I made a big mistake he is prepared to accept my apology and we can start again. Opinions please