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  1. May 28-29   The Kunsthalle is free until the end of May and it is also Lange Reihe strassenfest.
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve read and seen many useful posts with good advice on house searches. I was hoping to pick your brains and use your experience to help my family narrow our search down.    Having previously lived in Eppendorf we know central areas quite well from this time. However, we are returning to the area with a young child now.   For work we will have to travel to Pinneberg and Eimsbüttel. So somewhere that’s well connected (or not more than 30 mins to Eimsbüttel by car) would be great. We’ve started to look around Altona, but there’s not many places the right size there.   See spread the search a bit to Blankenese, Rissen, Wedel, Halstenbek and Pinneberg. We’ve only visited the first three briefly and never really explored the neighborhoods, yet they could be nice solutions in terms of house/apartment size and transport links. The latter two we’ve never visited. But we did like the idea of a house/garden there.    Would anyone suggest any other areas or have anything to say on these places (particularly Pinneberg or Halstenbek)?    Thanks in advance.