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  1. I tried to compress the title as much as possible. So here's a better (still short) version of the story:   I have installed a bidet in my bathroom, by installing the provided extra branch (extension?) on the pipe below the sink. A few weeks ago I received a call that all my apartment was under water. Apparently the hose was loose and had popped out. Now there's moisture under the flooring, and recently mould in the walls, etc. So a company is coming for "drying", etc.   Question: does a Haftpflichtversicherung normally cover such a case? I guess mine is a good one, as I pay above 160 EUR per year. And if you think it depends on how I narrate the story, do you have suggestions (based on the detailed story below)?   Thanks in advance!   ---------------------- Detailed Story [read only if you feel like it] ------------------------ The bidet piping seems to be safe enough, as I had a similar one running for 3 years in another apartment with no problems. This one was also working OK for about 1 year. A couple of weeks before the incident I noticed water leakage as drops below the sink. Assuming it was due to my manual installation, I tried to uninstall and re-install it with extra security (tapes, etc.). It didn't help and over the next days it was leaking on and off. One day I got fed up and left the hose half-installed (without fastening a nut). I shut down the water and called the Hausmeister saying we had a problem and needed a plumber. One day later when I wasn't home he went and checked the connection and told me there's no leakage and all is fine. Now feeling assured, I kept using the half-installed connection for a few days and... the nightmare finally came true!   So, it has been my negligence. But also a manually installed extension is involved. So... What do you think?