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  1. Creating a new one to get feedback local to BW and also most of the threads are old.   The kids are in 3rd and would go to 4th. We want to send them to Gymnasium but the problem is their current grades are not that good. Their grade average in math is 3 & in Deutsch and Sachun. is 4. As a parent I can tell they are improving and they work a lot. They also want to go to Gymnasium. Though I have concerns with the teachers and their questionable teaching methods, I am not looking into them now.    It would be helpful for us to get first hand feedback, on how admission to Gymnasium works in BW?. Do the schools really look at the grades and can they deny admission?   Thanks!
  2. Please help me with fresh information. This topic has been raised a few times but dated back to 2006...    We are moving to Munich in April 2020. My children are 11 and 14 and they are quite bright but their German language skill is lacking.  After a lot of research and email comms with the Schulberatung I am more confused than ever about the options available.    It seems to me like the first thing to do is to learn enough German to attend normal school. We have 3 months before the end of the 2020 school year and I want to use this time as wisely as possible. So, my questions are like this:    1. do ALL Realschulen offer übergangsklassen for foreign lerners? Shall we just register at our local school where we end up living and sign up till the end of the year. Should I be looking for a Realschule or a Mittelschule?  2. if my children end up NOT being able to attend a Gymnasium... it seems to me that a Realschule graduate still has the possibility of completing an Abitur? is this correct? is there a restriction on what University courses can be studied?    these have been useful links for me :   I would love to hear about your own experience transitioning teenage kids into the German schooling. I am trying to avoid International schools if I can.    Thanks in advance.