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  1. Morning,   I am looking for advice on how to discuss the (lack of) support my local Grundschule teachers give towards my youngest son (7), without making the problem worse.   Basically he is a very shy kid, with a bit of a speech impediment (kind of a stutter/pause) due to having to deal with 3 languages and because he gets very nervous when he is focused on.  However he does have a habit of not listening when asked to do something he doesn't really want to do and is, emotionally, a little younger than his years.  This means that he needs to have someone that clearly define what he is and is not allowed to do and is strict, but not in an aggressive or overbearing way.   His usual form teacher is very good at handling him and, other than the kids sat next to him in class bullying him the first couple weeks (which the teacher resolved by changing where he sits), he behaves normally in her class.   Unfortunately she has been away frequently in the last few weeks due to training and illness, and the replacement teacher(s) and support staff are, at best, unsupportive and at worst are actually making the situation worse.   This came to a head a couple of weeks ago when the three kids that initially bullied my son in his class took to following him around during the break and teasing him until he eventually snapped and lashed out.  Unfortunately this resulted in him catching one kids on the cheek and scratching his face.   The response from the school has been to ignore the bullying that was being done and just focus on the fact that my son hit out.  We received a note from the school stating that such behaviour would not be tolerated and that my son was banned from being outside during break  and we should have him taken to an Ergopaed immediately.   Since this incident, the support staff and ersatz teachers have started being hypercritical of his behaviour, making daily complaints of *anything* he does that isn't perfect behaviour - for example in a 2 hour art class at one point he said he was tired and pretended to lie down to go to sleep - this was flagged as disruptive and innapropriate behaviour.  Just the the other day there was an afternoon outing the school had organised to a local Wald, and when I dropped my son off he was sat quietly by himself, not doing anything, when the teacher pulled him out in front of the whole class and loudly and aggressively (close to shouting) told him that he was not to cause trouble and if he did anything wrong today he would be sent straight home.  It was obvious that this immediately embarrassed and upset him (and made my blood boil as well).  Talking with some of the other kids it seemed that he is now quite regularly "pre-emptively" scolded in front of his class.   I've also been complained at by one particular support staff who, last time I saw her, made the implied threat that if my son does anything she doesn't like she will simply call me and tell me I have to come and take my son out of the school for the day.   Does anyone have any advice how to deal with this situation without just making it worse for my son?  Unfortunately the support teachers and staff (and the Leitnerin) give the attitude that it is not their job to support my son in any way and rather than try to help him they will just exclude him going forward.
  2. State Grundschule around Frankfurt

    Dear All, We are planning to move into an area around Frankfurt that has a lovely neighbourhood and good state grundschules for our 5.5 year old son. I know we are registered to a school where our address is located. Thats why we are trying to find a spot that is close to a good school that has also afternoon classes because both me and my wife would work. We look for neighbours like Bad Vilbel, Heusenstamm, Ober Ursel, Obert Hausen, Bad Hamburg, Bad Sodel and maybe Hofheim too. (We don't want Frankfurt City center and Offenbach)  Do you have any suggestion on school names or good districts where we can go to?  Thanks a lot. There are some topics but they disscuss international schools or schools in Frankfurt center.   Kind regard Firat Coskun