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  1. Desktop websites and Google

    I have just had a phone call and am somewhat perplexed. The caller asked me if I wanted  to update my website as Google has announced some dramtic changes to desktop version websites. I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about and politely declined. I then did some internet research and found this.      "Desktop sites will be dropped and m-dot sites may experience bugs in Google’s anticipated March 2021 mobile first index update." "The Deadline Google has officially set a March 2021 deadline for companies to create Responsive websites. At that point, Google will no longer index desktop-only websites. In fact, desktop-only websites already in the index will be dropped.  If you’re not sure if your website is already subjected to mobile-first indexing, use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool".   "Ab März 2021 indexiert Google keinen Desktop Content mehr – Darauf musst du achten Desktop Only Websites werden ab kommendem Frühjahr komplett aus Googles Index verbannt. Außerdem könnten Mobilversionen (oder M-Dot Websites) künftig mehr Bugs aufweisen. Bei Search Engine Journal berichtet Roger Montti von Muellers Aussagen auf der Pubcon Pro Virtual 2020. Dort sagt er zum Fahrplan für die Mobile-First-Indexierung:"   „ But actually, it is the case that we will only index the mobile content in the future. So when a site is shifted over to mobile first indexing, we will drop everything that’s only on the desktop site. We will essentially ignore that […] anything that you want to have indexed, it needs to be on the mobile site. And the final deadline we’ve come up with is March 2021.“   „Usually we try to show the appropriate version, desktop or mobile version, in the search results, the URL at least. The indexed content is […] only the mobile version. But with m-dot sites it can sometimes happen that we just have the m-dot version where we didn’t actually pick up that there’s a connection to a desktop version here. This is a lot more likely if you have a m-dot version and use an hreflang. The only solution there is essentially to make sure that you redirect your users from the m-dot version to the desktop version when they use a desktop browser. And I don’t see us changing this in the near future or probably at all.“   If I have understood this correctly, all websites need to be changed by the end of March if you want them to be found in Google.