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  1. I have wandered and searched and can't find an answer- we are a dual national couple formerly in Berlin, now residing for the foreseeable future in USA---   My husband is a German-US dual national and his father would like him to buy a rental in conjunction with his German siblings. We are trying to find out what financial structure/s makes sense for all of us.   Should we create a GMBH to buy the property and ourselves have an LLC in DE or foreign to hold our share? Should we have a Gmbh send us distributions- what makes sense both for Germans and for us? Liability is an issue as well as the ability to buy siblings out if they so desire, so should it be a partnership structure or shares with a buy out agreement?   Once we figure it out we want to hire someone to set the structures up and then probably file whatever tax forms for the entity/ies that are needed annually.   We need to figure out initial structure to determine how to buy the property and to finance it through the bank.   I would be grateful both for an understanding of what to do and referrals to someone who could actually do it.